Great Rock Albums of 1985: David Lee Roth- Crazy From the Heat

Here’s a thought, I wonder if David Lee Roth had some sort of deal with MTV back in 1984 and 85. The first video shown on the channel in 1984 was  the debut video for Van Halen’s “Jump.” One year later, the first video shown in the new year for 1985 was from the video from David’s solo album, “Crazy From the Heat,” the Beach Boys’ classic, “California Girls.” This seems too much of a coincidence for me and I wonder if David did have some sort of deal with MTV.

The first noticeable thing about “California Girls” is that it sounds nothing like the Beach Boys nor Van Halen. David puts his own spin on the song and I think he does a very good job on it. That is if you cast aside the predictable girls in bikinis video for the song. He sings very well on not just this but all songs even if sometimes one can’t take him seriously. On the other three songs on this four song EP, he departs even further from what he did with Van Halen and heavy metal in general.

With two of the remaining three songs, David tries to be a 1940s era type big band singer. Always being more the showman as opposed to the singer, his personality does burst through more than his vocal ability but he does sing very well on it. Full credit, he’s a more versatile singer than what he was often given credit for back then or even today. As for the final song, “Coconut Grove” I have always had trouble getting into that one but the reason is not down to David. Three of the four songs are good for me and it doesn’t matter that the entire EP is less than fourteen minutes.

Track Listing:

  1. Easy Street
  2. Medley: Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody
  3. California Girls
  4. Coconut Grove

David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth- vocals

Dean Parks- guitar on “Coconut Grove”

Eddie Martinez, Sid McGinnis- guitars

Willie Weeks- bass

John Robinson- drums

Sammy Figueroa- percussion

James Newton Howard- keyboards on “Coconut Grove”

Edgar Winter- keyboards, saxophone, backing vocals on tracks 1&2

Brian Mann- keyboards

Carl Wilson, Christopher Cross- backing vocals on “California Girls”

David Lee Roth’s debut solo album sparked a lot of rumours in regards to his relationship with Van Halen. It has been said that the success of “Crazy From the Heat” inspired him to go solo. Maybe it did. All I know that this is a cool little album.

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16 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1985: David Lee Roth- Crazy From the Heat”

  1. […] Source: Great Rock Albums of 1985: David Lee Roth- Crazy From the Heat | 80smetalman’s Blog […]

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  2. Good one. I grabbed this a few months back on vinyl. It is nice for the VH/DLR collection.

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  3. I didn’t have the EP but absolutely loved Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody and the cover of California Girls. I bought his full debut Eat ’em and Smile the year after which I still have – a fine album I reckon, a mix of hard, rocking, groovy tunes with some fun thrown in.

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  4. I’m a big fan of this one. It also happens to be the first slice of DLR I owned when I picked it up a few years ago off the back of a review from a pal over at Ritual Objects… (

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  5. I always thought the first video on MTV was Thriller. I am learning new things!

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  6. You have schooled me. I didn’t realize this came out before VH officially broke up and Dave went solo. Getting Edgar Winter to play keys and sax is quite the coup! And finally, predictable or not, I think I remember DLR’s ‘California Girls’ as much for the bikinis video as for the song itself!

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