15 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1985: Kim Mitchell- Akimbo Alogo”

  1. I keep reading very good things about this Kim Mitchell… reckon it’s about time I checked some stuff out.

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  2. “Lager and Ale” is my favorite of the ones I’ve heard… thinking I’d like to hear it now!

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  3. Ah..
    The solo in ‘Rumour Has It’ is easily in my all time Top 10 Guitar solos of all time..
    That fretboard just smokes ..Kim cuts loose…
    Check out the 5 song Ep issued before this Alogo…
    Guitar Guitar and more Guitar!
    Ask Mikey Ladano about it

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  4. Sounds great!

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  5. I play this one regularly — like every two weeks. It’s brilliant. Kim will never top it.

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  6. […] Source: Great Rock Albums of 1985: Kim Mitchell- Akimbo Alogo | 80smetalman’s Blog […]

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