Live Aid- 1985


Undoubtedly, the most significant music event in 1985 for both Duranie and metalhead alike was Live Aid. True, many metalheads like me were more than a little disappointed at the fact there were only two heavy metal acts on the entire bill. Led Zeppelin’s performance has always been a topic for debate since this great show thirty-three and a half years ago. For instance, was it right for the band to place the entire blame on their less than impressive performance squarely on Phil Collins? After all, he was the only singer to play both the London and Philadelphia shows. Anyway, I digress. No matter what individual thoughts were, no one can deny that it was a major landmark in music in 1985.

My personal experience of the day, (and I would love to hear all of yours), is paraphrased in my book “Rock and Roll Children.” I say paraphrased because I wasn’t up at 9 that morning, waiting with great anticipation for Black Sabbath. I woke up, slightly hung over, in time to catch the tail end of Sabbath’s performance. From what I have been told, Ozzy was also a little hungover and forgot huge chunks of songs, but from what I saw when they played “Paranoid,” he seemed okay. What pissed me off about that was after Sabbath’s set, the dee-jay at my local radio station made a crack that Ozzy didn’t bite the heads off any small rodents.

About two hours later, heavy metal established itself in full glory when Judas Priest took the stage. Robert Halford came out in 90 degree fahrenheit  heat (approx. 32 degrees Celsius) wearing enough leather for three people. They stuck with the classics although I noticed a camera blooper when it focused on KK Downing while Glenn Tipton was playing the solo on “Living After Midnight.” The audience also got to experience “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll” and “You Got Another Thing Comin'” before it cut away to London for Paul Young, bad move. A good move was to have Judas Priest on right after REO Speedwagon, especially as REO finished with their all time classic, “Roll With the Changes.” Still, for twenty minutes, metalheads had a reason to be proud.


Most people remembered when Bono got a girl from the audience and began dancing with her. 

At 1 PM Eastern Time and 6 PM in London, Live Aid began going back and forth between London and Philly. Therefore, I got to witness a few of the great moments, at least until I had to be in work at 4. I did get to see U2, where Bono did what it says in the caption under the picture and I at least got to listen to Dire Straits perform a very good set on the radio. However, I did miss Madonna’s stating that she was going to keep her jacket on because she would only get shit for it in ten years time.

There were rumours a plenty about Live Aid as well. The biggest one was that the London show was going to end with the surviving members of the Beatles getting together with Julian Lennon to perform. I even made sure I was near a radio just in case, but it never happened. What did happen was the music history was made on July 13, 1985 on a grand scale that was unprecedented at that time. I think that Live Aid gave everyone some moments of joy no matter how small or large. It was a great day for all of rock and roll. Oh yes, another rumour, my father remains convinced that the grain bought from the proceeds of Live Aid only went to Africa on paper but in reality went to Russia.

I leave you know with some of my favourite moments of this historic day and again, I invite you all to tell me yours.

Hope you enjoyed!

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14 Responses to “Live Aid- 1985”

  1. U2 and Queen were my highlights, watched on TV then later on VHS courtesy of my aunt who recorded the entire event. Both shows were incredible though, and looking back it was good to be around at that time when musical history was being made.

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  2. I forgot Priest played!

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  3. I still haven’t ever seen much of Live Aid. I have vague memories of seeing it on TV when I was wee, but there’s no clarity. I’m aware of Queen’s performance and have seen bits and pieces of that over the years. That’s quite exceptional.

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  4. I wish I’d been able to see it and remember it (I was 4 when it happened). With the state of today’s music I can’t seen anything this big happen again.

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