Great Metal Albums of 1985: W.A.S.P.- The Last Command


Following on from my last post on the PMRC, I thought it was only right that I visit the album, “The Last Command” from W.A.S.P. My reason for buying this album was straight forward, I bought it because it was the first album I knew of to have a PMRC warning label on it. I remember from an article in the same edition of the People magazine where I first learned of the PMRC reading a quote from lead singer Blackie Lawless stating that putting labels on records would only help record sales. That’s probably why they happily allowed it to be put on the album. It worked as far as I’m concerned.


It seemed that many people didn’t rate “The Last Command” as high as their self titled debut album. In fact, a few years later, I found myself justifying buying the album on the grounds that I had bought it for the warning label. It wasn’t on my regular listening rotation back then. However, after listening to it again, after so many years, it’s growing on me.

“The Last Command” starts off very well with “Wild Child.” Hearing this song, one thinks that the album is going to kick total ass all over. I love that intro to it. The next song, “Ballcrusher,” which gets my vote for hidden gem keeps that thought alive. I mean, at the time, I was amused by lyrics about a lesbo-nymphomaniac woman drinking all my JD and stealing my brand new car. Actually, those lyrics still bring a smile to my face. Unfortunately, the next three songs give that ‘heard this all before’ feeling and it dampens things a little. Like the stock report at the beginning of “Fistful of Diamonds” and while I like the riff on “Jack Action,” the lyrics seemed re-hashed. “Widowmaker” ends the first side okay but not enough to support the previous two songs.

Side two starts out very promising with my second favourite all time W.A.S.P. song, “Blind in Texas.” The lead guitars make the song shine and even though I’ve heard tons of songs about getting drunk, the fact that Blackie is doing it in Texas is still somewhat unique. Like the first side, the remainder of the songs don’t hold a candle to the one that began the second side. It might have been better if “Cries in the Night” had been the closer because “Sex Drive” doesn’t do it for me. Those two should have been swapped around. “Running Wild in the Streets” is a decent song. One thing that seems to be overlooked on this album is the guitar work from Randy Piper and Chris Holmes. There are some good solos on some of these songs which redeems what could have been a lackluster album. “Widowmaker” is a prime choice.

Track Listing:

  1. Wild Child
  2. Ballcrusher
  3. Fistful of Diamonds
  4. Jack Action
  5. Widowmaker
  6. Blind in Texas
  7. Cries in the Night
  8. The Last Command
  9. Running Wild in the Streets
  10. Sex Drive


Blackie Lawless- lead vocals, bass

Chris Holmes- guitar

Randy Piper- guitar, backing vocals

Steve Riley- drums, backing vocals

Thinking about “The Last Command,” it’s would have been an average album if it wasn’t for three very kick ass songs, “Wild Child,” “Ballcrusher” and “Blind in Texas.” These three songs propel the rest of the album and I will no longer say that I only bought it because of the warning label.

Remember, don’t drive blind in Texas or anywhere else!

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I would also ask you all to raise a glass to my son Will and his lovely fiancee Ela who will be getting married this Wednesday.

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9 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1985: W.A.S.P.- The Last Command”

  1. A decent-ish album as I remember. Blind in Texas the standout. Cheers and all the very best to Will and Ela!

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  2. Not my cup of coffee at all, but I think he was right about the Parental Advisory stickers… I know I picked up a few albums over the years just cause they had them. I saw this as a mark of music with integrity and the likes. Obviously I found out that wasn’t exactly true.

    All the best to Will and Ela!

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    • Sometimes artists had the labels put on because they thought it would sell more records. This was the only album I bought on account of it and since it wasn’t WASP’s best album, I still look for the music when I buy and album.

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  3. I think I feel much the same about this one. A bit too much filler but there’s some brilliant tracks.

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  4. I missed WASP. I mean completely. Didn’t even know they were a thing 😬 love the album cover art by the way.
    Congratulations to Will and Ella! Oh and to proud Dad too 🤗

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  5. […] Source: Great Metal Albums of 1985: W.A.S.P.- The Last Command | 80smetalman’s Blog […]

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