Great Rock/Metal Albums of 1985: The Cult- Love


Funny true story, back in early 1980s, The Cult was a popular abbreviation for Blue Oyster Cult used by many people, me included. Therefore, when the deejay of my local radio station announced he was playing a brand new song from The Cult, I naturally assumed it was Blue Oyster. When I heard the first single, “She Sells Sanctuary” on the radio, my first reaction was that Blue Oyster Cult was sounding like very early U2. However, after a second and possibly a third listen to the song, I realized that it could in no way been the band I’ve followed since the late 1970s and finally got it through my noggin that there was a new band called The Cult.

In mid November of 1985, “She Sells Sanctuary” vied with Phantom, Rocker and Slick’s “Men Without Shame” for top spot in 80smetalman’s World. Thinking back, I ask why no one ever thought about putting these two songs together on a compilation album, I would have bought it. Then again, why didn’t I make a tape of my own? Silly me. Preaching to the choir here but “She Sells Sanctuary” has always been a great classic. I just love how the guitars work on the song and Billy Duffy deserves more respect as a guitarist.

Once upon a time, I heard some blind follower of the Top 40 charts state that all songs by The Cult sound the same. Maybe he was comparing “She Sells Sanctuary” to their later hit “Fire Woman.” We can debate everything wrong with that last statement another time but my point is that this person must not have every heard their second album, “Love,” in its entirety. True, there is some similarity with the opener, “Nirvana” and the big single but that’s why “Nirvana” is best placed as the opener. It’s an attention grabber to say the least. After that, The Cult do different things with the other tracks on “Love.” “Big Neon Glitter” is a unique track and could have been single itself. The real surprise is “Brother Wolf, Sister Moon.” This song sounds very bluesy but Duffy’s guitar riffs on it send it to another dimension. Definitely the hidden gem on the album.

“Rain” was the second single on the album and it’s a good steady rock tune that is suitable for radio. “Phoenix” has a really cool heavy metal sounding intro with the way out guitar riff then going into a more traditional guitar solo. This song was probably why some people classed The Cult as a heavy metal band. Whatever you want to call it, the song kicks absolute ass! “Hollow Man” has a cool intro whose riffs continue to mesmerize even after it transforms into a more straight ahead rock song. “Revolution” is the closest The Cult come to a ballad but there are more Duffy riffs to enjoy before the big single and then onto a good closer in “Black Angel.”

Track Listing:

  1. Nirvana
  2. Big Neon Glitter
  3. Love
  4. Brother Wolf, Sister Moon
  5. Rain
  6. Phoenix
  7. Hollow Man
  8. Revolution
  9. She Sells Sanctuary
  10. Black Angel


Ian Astbury- vocals

Billy Duffy- guitars, backing vocals

Jamie Stewart- bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Mark Brzezicki- drums on all tracks except track 9

Nigel Preston- drums on “She Sells Sanctuary”

The Cult made a small breakthrough to the US in 1985 but made a major breakthrough in my mind. For me, the “Love” album was something totally unique for me and I’ve been a fan ever since.

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9 Responses to “Great Rock/Metal Albums of 1985: The Cult- Love”

  1. Love Love so much (pun intended) this record is a biggie for me. The Cult were So important to me when I first discovered rock

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  2. Don’t know if they didn’t really breakthrough here in Aus, or whether my folks were just not fans, but I don’t have a lot of knowledge of The Cult. I’ll have to download a few songs…

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  3. Great one. They are consistently good, aren’t they? I only got into them a few years ago and pretty much dig every one of their albums.

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  4. I just picked this up on vinyl a few weeks back. I had forgotten how great this thing was. So, glad I have it and it is getting spun regularly. Great review.

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  5. […] Source: Great Rock/Metal Albums of 1985: The Cult- Love | 80smetalman’s Blog […]

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