Rest in Peace Bernie Torme

Bernie Torme with Ozzy

It is my sad duty to announce the passing of guitarist Bernie Torme. Bernie passed away yesterday in hospital from pneumonia, he was 66. He played guitar for Gillan and for Ozzy Osbourne following the death of Randy Rhoads. Furthermore, he had formed bands of his own such as The Electric Gypsies as well as teaming with Dee Snider and Clive Burr to form Desperado in the late 1980s.



Bernie Torme and his band

Bernie Torme’s musical career spanned over five decades and is yet another major loss for music.

Rest in Peace Bernie Torme.

12 Responses to “Rest in Peace Bernie Torme”

  1. 66 is pretty young to go… especially of pneumonia. That’s quite sad.

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  2. Tough shoes to fill when Randy Rhoads died. I mostly knew him on the Gillan albums.


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  3. I really liked him. He played some great stuff. Rest in peace…too young.

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