Great Metal Albums of 1985: Kix- Midnite Dynamite


Sometimes, things just don’t change. When I first listened to Kix’s 1985 album, “Midnite Dynamite,” I thought it was a good album but not one to stand out and be noticed. When I listened to it again, a couple of times, recently, I thought that the reason it didn’t standout so much was down to all the other great metal albums of the year and that “Midnite Dynamite” got lost among them. However, thirty-four years on, I’m still of the same opinion. Everything to make this album great is there but nothing stands out, it’s just a good metal album.

While not standout, there is nothing wrong with this album. Kix did try to turn things up a notch by drafting in Bob Halligan Jr who has written songs for Judas Priest, Blue Oyster Cult and KISS, a very impressive resume to say the least. He co-wrote the first seven songs along with Donnie Purnell and there is nothing wrong with the song writing. The lyrics may not be as thought provoking like Bob Dylan or Pink Floyd, in fact they pretty much stick to heavy metal related themes. You know sex and in the case of “Layin’ Rubber,” fast cars, there’s a really cool guitar solo on that song by the way. The ballad, “Walkin’ Away,” is the typical lovelorn lament that has some good power chords but for some reason, I can’t take it seriously and I don’t mean in a Steel Panther “Community Property” kind of way either. Still, like I said, the power chords are fantastic.

Songwriting is good and I have to point out that the band plays the songs well. Metal hooks are plenty on the album and some good guitar soloing. Plus, Donnie Purnell plays a cool bass line on “Cold Shower.” I sometimes wonder if the vocals of Steve Whiteman is a detriment here but he’s not bad. Sometimes it does sound like he’s trying to be Vince Neil but his performance on “Scarlet Fever” along with the cool metal intro and guitar solo make it the gem of the album. Furthermore, Anton Figg is brought in for drumming duties on two of the tracks which adds extra dimension to things. So, everything was there to make this album a potential to be one of the biggest ones of the year, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite come up to it.

Track Listing:

  1. Midnite Dynamite
  2. Red hot (Black and Blue)
  3. Bang Bang (Balls of Fire)
  4. Layin’ Rubber
  5. Walkin’ Away
  6. Scarlet Fever
  7. Cry Baby
  8. Cold Shower
  9. Lie Like a Rug
  10. Sex


Steve Whiteman- lead vocals, harmonica and saxophone

Ronnie “10/10” Younkins- guitar

Brian “Damage” Forstythe- guitar

Donnie Purnell- bass, keyboards, backing vocals, co-lead vocal on “Cold Shower”

Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfont- drums, percussion, backing vocals, co-lead vocal on “Cold Shower”

Additional Musicians

Anton Figg- drums on tracks 9 and 10

Mike Slammer- guitar on tracks 5 and 6

Beau Hill- additional keyboards and guitars

8osmetalman Theory: Had Kix put this album out in 1982, it would have been considered one of the important albums of that year. However, it was made in 1985 and therefore drowned out by so many more important ones. Still, it’s a good metal album to listen to.

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