Great Metal Albums of 1985(4): Manowar- Hail to England


Sometimes I don’t know weather to thank Wikipedia or to curse them. One thing I can say about it is that maybe I should have paid more attention to the year an album was recorded back in the day, then I wouldn’t have had so much problems with historical accuracy in this vein.

See, I didn’t get around to listening to Manowar until 1986 after I saw them live. They were brilliant that night from what I can remember by the way. Anyway, after listening to their first two albums on recommendation, I finally got around to their third album, “Hail to England.” For some reason, I had it in my mind that the album came out in 1985 and it was only until I did a little background research on Wikipedia, that I discovered that it was released in 1984. It just passed me by. However, while “Hail to England” isn’t as phenomenal as its two predecessors, it’s still too good of an album not to visit.

What is very noticeable almost immediately on the album is the very strong bass line. It comes through on many of the tracks and it does add a ‘creeping doom’ feel to the songs. Therefore, I am of the belief that Joey DeMaio is a better bass player than what some people might give him credit for. Even on faster songs like “Kill With Power,” his thumping bass can be heard in the background moving things along nicely though the best track for this is the one before it, “Each Dawn I Die.” On the other hand, guitarist Ross the Boss is allowed to shine on “Black Arrows.” One of my friends at the time described it as Ross’s own version of Van Halen’s “Eruption.” I don’t know about that but what has always tickled me about that track is lead singer Eric Adams’s brought pronouncement of “Death to false metal!”

Even with the heavier bass, Manowar do not stray too far from the formula which brought them so much success with their first two albums. The opener, “Blood of My Enemies,” the title track and “Army of the Immortals” are  classic Manowar offerings. These track remind you that Manowar were American musicians still hung over from the NWOBHM era of the early 1980s with influences of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden present in all of the songs. This is definitely the case on the “Army of the Immortals” track where Eric Adams sounds like Bruce Dickinson on much of the song but there are short bursts of where he sounds s little like Rob Halford. You have to give him credit for vocal versatility here. With all that said, the album ends on a very good high with the nearly nine minute long closing track, “Bridge of Death.” It seems that the band took everything they brought to the table and laid it down on this track. The drumming, heavy bass, guitar solos and high melodic vocals makes sure you will return to the album after listening to it the first time.

Track Listing:

  1. Blood of My Enemies
  2. Each Dawn I Die
  3. Kill With Power
  4. Hail to England
  5. Army of the Immortals
  6. Black Arrows
  7. Bridge of Death


Eric Adams- vocals

Ross the Boss- guitar, keyboards

Joey DeMaio- bass, pedals

Scott Columbus- drums

No matter what year “Hail to England” came out, it’s still a good album. Maybe not as good as “Battle Hymns” or “Into Glory Rid” but still good. Another thing I learned from Wikipedia was that Manowar had an album at the end of 1984 called “Sign of the Hammer.” How I missed this one, I’ll never know. So, I’ll have to bend the rules again and post about it some time in the future. The thing that continues to puzzle me about Manowar is how Kerrang could have called them a joke band.

Next post: Y&T- Open Fire

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6 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1985(4): Manowar- Hail to England”

  1. But do you dress like Manowar? that’s what we all want to know.

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    • I dressed eccentrically back then but not quite like Manowar and definitely not as they appear on the cover of the “Into Glory Ride” album. That’s in spite of the fact that I had a half decent body back then.


  2. Manowar, Thor, He-Man… 3 reasons to don the furry loin cloth 🙂 Hail to England was a very good album I remember. They took some stick for their dress and themes, but no messing that band could play hard and loud and well! Battle Hymns is one of the most immense metal albums ever, damn, they even got Orson Wells to narrate Dark Avenger – epic.

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  3. […] Source: Great Metal Albums of 1985(4): Manowar- Hail to England | 80smetalman’s Blog […]

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