Great Metal Albums of 1985: Y & T- Open Fire


After several successful studio albums, Y&T put out a live album, “Open Fire” in 1985. The benefit of hindsight, this proved to be a good move for the band. It is one of Y&T’s most successful albums of all time and I quite like it.

While “Open Fire” was recorded in a number of different venues, there seems to be a continuity with the songs on the album, which makes me think that these songs might have been played live in the order they appear on the album. The exception being what is probably their best selling single, “Summertime Girls.” The version which appears on this album is the studio version which would appear on their next studio album. So, I have to ask, “Why?” That leads to my next minor gripe about “Open Fire,” the absence of my favourite Y&T song, “Mean Streak.” I think that if you put that song where “Summertime Girls” was, it would have made the album even stronger.

The album opens well enough with the title cut. It’s a decent opener for a live album and I would have tuned my ear if I had been in the audience when it was played live. Sad fact is, I have never seen Y&T live. Some people I know said they saw them when they opened for Rush early in the year and weren’t impressed. This album makes me wonder otherwise.

Getting back on track, it’s the second song, “Go For the Throat,” which really gets things rocking. This is just one big power song with the crushing guitars and pumping bass. Also the way they end the song live is very cool. Again, if I’d been there live, I would have been up on my feet at this point. The next two tracks prove the musicianship of the band. There’s a cool solo on “25 Hours a Day” and a really cool acoustic intro on “Rescue Me.”

Since I’ve already discussed “Summertime Girls,” I’ll skip to the final three songs. With its very bluesy guitar solo intro, “Forever” makes you quickly forget about “Summertime Girls.” It’s only a few seconds before the pace is picked up again and it ends like it begins, with some powerful guitar playing. Then comes the very amusing “Barroom Boogie” which begins with a very cool drum roll. The album ends with a very nice power ballad in “I Believe in You.” Thinking about it, there are only eight songs on “Open Fire” so maybe “Mean Streak” was played as an encore.

Track Listing:

  1. Open Fire
  2. Go For the Throat
  3. 25 Hours a Day
  4. Rescue Me
  5. Summertime Girls
  6. Forever
  7. Barroom Boogie
  8. I Believe in You


Dave Meniketti- vocals, guitar

Joey Alves- guitar, vocals

Phil Kennemore- bass, vocals

Leonard Haze- drums, vocals

Note: The 1980s practice of holding cigarette lighters in the air, never took off in the UK.

As far as live albums in 1985 go, most of my attention was diverted to The Scorpions and “World Wide Live.” While not on the same level, “Open Fire” turns out to be a pretty good live album. I’m now regretting having not seen them live.

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