Great Metal Albums of 1985: Venom- From Hell to the Unknown


Sometimes the problem with posting about compilation albums is the fact that I’ve already said great things about certain songs when I heard them on the original studio album. Therefore, I fear that I would only be repeating myself. On the flip side, it gives me a chance to listen to songs which I might have liked but missed something about that song when I first listened to it on the album. In the case of Venom’s 1985 compilation album, “From Hell to the Unknown,” it’s a bit of both cases.

First, this is not a greatest hits album. That would come out a year later. It is a trip down Venom’s memory lane. The biggest giveaway is the fact the first eleven tracks on “From Hell to the Unknown” comprises the entire debut album, “Welcome to Hell.” Having discovered Venom in 1984, if I had known this existed in 1985, I would have simply bought it back then so I wouldn’t have to buy “Welcome to Hell.” Okay, I was a cheapskate but I do have a better appreciation of the track “Live Like and Angel, Die Like a Devil.”

“Welcome to Hell” is the only full album that makes it onto the compilation album. Maybe Venom thought it might reintroduce it to people who weren’t familiar with it. Anyway, on the downside, I was slightly disappointed the only tracks from the “Black Metal” album are the title track, “Buried Alive” and “At War With Satan (Prelude). I would have thought that “Teacher’s Pet” and “To Hell and Back” would have been on it. More perplexing is that none of the songs from the “At War With Satan” album appear here either and only the title track from “Possessed” and “Too Loud for the Crowd”are represented from that album. That asks the question, where did the remaining songs come from? Well “Die Hard” and “Seven Gates of Hell” are from the live “Official Bootleg” album and “Bursting Out” was from an EP called “Acid Queen.” “Senile Decay” was recorded exclusively for the album or so it seems. Then as an added bonus, there album ends with a live radio interview with the band. With all considered, “From Hell to the Unknown” makes a compilation album worth having.

Track Listing:

  1. Sons of Satan
  2. Welcome to Hell
  3. Schizo
  4. Mayhem With Mercy
  5. Poison
  6. Live Like an Angel, Die Like a Devil
  7. Witching Hour
  8. 1000 Days of Sodom
  9. Angel Dust
  10. In league With Satan
  11. Red Line Fever
  12. Bursting Out
  13. At War With Satan (Intro)
  14. Die Hard (Live)
  15. Manitou
  16. Senile Decay
  17. Black Metal
  18. Possessed
  19. Seven Gates of Hell (Live)
  20. Buried Alive
  21. Too Loud (For the Crowd)
  22. Radio Interview (With Metro Radio Alan Robson)


Cronus- bass, vocals

Mantas- guitar

Abaddon- drums

If you were a newcomer to Venom, then I would recommend, (very strongly), “From Hell to the Unknown” as a great introduction to the band. While some of the songs I would like to have seen included aren’t on it, it’s still Venom at their best.

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