Run and Hide, I’m Back!

Just a quick hi to say that I’m back from my two week holiday in the US and I’ll be back to posting. While I didn’t see any concerts while I was there, I did see a former American Idol contestant perform at a wine tasting. She was so good, I bought her CD and will be posting about that.

Of course, I won’t disappoint and share many of my pictures from my wonderful two weeks.


Ocean City, NJ boardwalk


Philadelphia Art Museum: It was too hot to run up the steps like Rocky


LA Dodgers vs Philadelphia Phillies. Phillies won 9-8. 


Some cool weapons in the Philadelphia Art Museum 


Swords and tequila carry me through the night


Oh yeah, it had some other works of art in it too. 


My friend Frank and his wife Candy singing a karoke duet. They’re quite good. 


Belleville Winery


Trying to take pictures of dolphins in the Delaware Bay


Excellent food too! A famous Manco and Manco’s pizza. 


The drink was pretty good too. From top to bottom, my brother in law Mark, my sister Dawn, Mrs 80smetalman and my step daughter Lorretta in a typical American bar. There was an excellent acoustic duo playing there that evening. 


Fantastic desserts as well, the famous ‘Volcano’ from The Rain Forest restaurant in Atlantic City, NJ 


Boardwalk in Wildwood NJ

Next post: Megan Knight- State of Mind

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14 Responses to “Run and Hide, I’m Back!”

  1. These pictures are wonderful !! 😁😁 welcome back

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  2. Looks like you made the most of your time. It’s always nice going back and visiting a place where you lived, seeing how things have either changed or remained the same.

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  3. Welcome back! Glad you lived!

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  4. Sounds and looks great!

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