A Great American Discovery: Megan Knight- State of Mind


While visiting Sharrott Winery in New Jersey, with my sister Dawn, she loves her wineries, I had the pleasure to be entertained by the music of one Megan Knight. If the name sounds familiar, she was a contestant on American Idol a few years back and made it to the semi finals. On my very last evening in the US, she sang and played guitar to many wine tasters and let me say that I was so impressed that I bought her CD, “State of Mind.”


Megan Knight on stage

While her vocals totally blew me away that evening, she also proved that she could play a mean rhythm guitar as well. But while she showed those talents very well, the additional instruments, all played by Jamie Myerson, makes the CD sound even better. Her brand of soft rock is perfect in my view. The best example is on my vote for best track, “Oh My Love.” This song is what I would call an ‘eerie’ ballad. While you can hear that the song is a lamentation, the other instruments, keyboards especially, put a stamp on that fact. Plus, Megan’s voice makes the song sound downright spooky. It’s hard to describe here but I am blown away when I hear it.

The four other tracks are really good. The opener, “Fade” gives the false impression that it might sound rockier than what it actually is. I hear similarities between Megan and Steph O’Sullivan of Greywind but it ends there. After a minute, one doesn’t care because it can hold its own. “Built on Glass” and the title track are good bridges between the opener and the best song. An acoustic version of “Built on Glass” closes the five song party and I prefer the acoustic version to the other here. Maybe it’s just me.


I thought I’d get a shot of the winery in

Track Listing

  1. Fade
  2. Built on Glass
  3. State of Mind
  4. Oh My Love
  5. Built on Glass (Acoustic)


A better shot of Megan

Megan Knight- vocals, guitar

Jamie Myerson- guitar, bass, drums, keyboards

After her second set, I had the pleasure of meeting Megan and she is a really nice person. She was more interested in Mrs 80smetalman due to the fact that she’s English and Megan really wants to go to Britain. UK booking agents, are you listening? Megan has true talent and if she doesn’t make it further in the music world than there really is no justice.

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  1. That is awesome. It is always nice finding new artists you like in the most unusual or unexpected places. The winery looked beautiful BTW.

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