Rest in Peace Ric Ocasek


Ric Ocasek


The Cars

Naturally, there are much deserved tributes to lead singer, rhythm guitarist from The Cars, Ric Ocasek  pouring out all over the music blogosphere. When I posted about The Cars’ self titled debut album from 1978, it was said that they were ahead of their time and they were. For me, The Cars were one of the chief founders of the new wave/punk movement. Since all of the best words have already been said, the best I can do is to add my all time favourite Cars song, “My Best Friend’s Girl.”

Rest in Peace Ric.






8 Responses to “Rest in Peace Ric Ocasek”

  1. Rest in peace Ric. The man could really write a song.

    Uh oh, it’s magic!

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  2. So much great rock but alas so many shuffling off this mortal coil too …

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  3. Really shocked when I read the news the other day. Been fitting in some Cars to my listening the last couple of days.

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  4. […] Source: Rest in Peace Ric Ocasek | 80smetalman’s Blog […]

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  5. I felt sad when I heard about that. Somebody needs to put a brake on time.


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