Rest In Peace Ginger Baker and Larry Junstrom

For the past two days, the UK media, many of my friends and even Mrs 80smetalman have talked about the passing of former Cream drummer, Ginger Baker. Ginger died on Sunday as a result of health issues. He’s best known for being the drummer in what has been called the first ‘super group,’ Cream. The band wasn’t around for too long but even half a century later, their influence is still felt, especially in the heavy metal world.


Ginger Baker



If the passing of Ginger wasn’t enough, we had another rock and roll death on the same day. Larry Junstrom, bassist for .38 Special and one of the founding members of Lynyrd Skynyrd has also passed away, aged 70. While he wasn’t as famous as Ginger, especially here in the UK, those of us who were into Southern Rock in the early 1980s certainly knew of him. I’ll never forget his oversized policeman’s hat, which he wore when I saw the band live in 1984.


Larry Junstrom


38 Special

Imagine what a rhythm section Larry and Ginger would have made.

Rest in peace Ginger and Larry.
















4 Responses to “Rest In Peace Ginger Baker and Larry Junstrom”

  1. Ginger Baker, and indescribable genius and asshole simultaneously. Rest in peace! Maybe he and Jack Bruce can make up in heaven.

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    • There were many reports that said if Cream had stayed together much longer, they would have killed each other. Maybe Ginger and Jack can make up and re-form a great rhythm section


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