80smetalman’s Top 15 Front Persons

Everyone knows that having a good lead singer is a key for any band and over the years, I have witnessed many a great singer. However, another trait for a successful singer, especially in heavy metal circles is to be able to communicate with the crowd in order to get them going. Throughout the years of going to concerts, I have seen many who could do this and some who didn’t. Fortunately for the latter, many of them were in bands that made great music anyway. There were some who think they were great at getting the crowd going but not me. For example, if I had seen Bon Jovi in my teens, I might have put Jon in my upcoming list, but I was nearly 23 the first time I saw them and he does seem to appeal to a younger crowd on stage. Then there’s Bono who likes to use the mic for his political rants.

Therefore, before I move onto 1986 in my tour of the golden decade of metal, I thought I would share my top 15 singers who are great at getting the crowd going, whether it be through the gift of the gab or exhibiting sheer energy. Putting this list together took a lot of thought so, I’d start with three who were heavily considered but didn’t quite make it. Those were Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies), Wendy O Williams and Ted Nugent.


Mille leads Kreator onto the stage

15. Mille Petrozza, Kreator (joint)


15. Paul Stanley (joint)

I couldn’t decide between Mille and Paul and didn’t want to leave either off the list. My memories of Paul go back thirty years but are still there while Mille surprised me at his ability to engage the crowd at Download 2018. One must also take into consideration that English is Mille’s second language.


14. Joey Belladonna- Anthrax

Having seen Anthrax six times, all with Joey at the mic, I can safely say he belongs in this list.


13. Dave Mustane- Megadeth

Dave just has this sinister sounding voice when he’s on stage and it’s excellent


Better pics with Doro

12. Doro Pesch

Not only is English her second language, Doro brings a hell of a lot of energy when she gets on stage.


11. Steve Tyler- Aerosmith

Still igniting crowds after more than forty years


10. Minoru Nihara- Loudness

He can excite a crowd in spite of the fact he sings better in English than what he speaks.


9. Billy Milano- Stormtroopers of Death

This larger than life character lets you know he’s on the stage.


8. Ronnie James Dio


7. Ozzy Osbourne

If Ronnie was still with us, he and Ozzy’s places might have been swapped around. Ozzy won out because he showed me at Download 2018 that he still has it.


6. Ian Gillan- Deep Purple, Gillan

He absolutely wowed me the one time I saw him. I have also had an eye witness account of how he helped out a fan who was thumped by an overzealous security guard at one stage. Ian is a class act.


5. Rob Halford- Judas Priest (joint)

He can still excite a crowd while wearing all that leather.

untitled (4)

5. Sammy Hagar (joint)

I’ve seen Sammy with Van Halen and as a solo performer and his energy knew no bounds.


4. Bruce Dickinson- Iron Maiden

I never saw him as a solo performer but the four times I saw him with Iron Maiden were magic.


3. David Lee Roth

I only saw Dave as a solo performer but he definitely has the gift of the gab on stage. So much so, he tends to talk his way through songs.


Chris in his coat

2. Chris Jerico- Fozzy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Chris has a commanding stage persona.


Dee showing he still got the vocals while Mark beats his bass to death

  1. Dee Snider- Twisted Sister

Nobody, in my opinion, commands the stage or the entire venue for that matter like Dee

As always, many of you will have your own ideas as to who should be on the list and as always, I would love to read your suggestions. But these are mine, respectfully submitted this day.

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5 Responses to “80smetalman’s Top 15 Front Persons”

  1. Nice list. I would agree with a bunch of those. I will throw in one old and newer…Robert Plant in Zep days and Scott Weiland of STP.

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  2. I am sure that if I had seen Led Zeppelin live, then Robert Plant would have made the list.


  3. I was scrolling down thinking, where’s Dee – and finally you put him at N°1… totally agree, such a showman!! Ozzy, Dio and Joey Belladonna too! I also enjoyed some of the antics of Blackie Lawless over the years. On a prog rock / pop vibe Freddie Mercury was king!

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  4. I’m only familiar with a few of those folks and their bands. Those I do know I’ve never seen live, but I have seen footage on YouTube or whatever. Weiland and Perry Farrell would likely top my own list.

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