1986: The Year Metal Begins to Fragment

Before 1986, any music I thought worthy of being called heavy metal, I would call it such. Though back then, there were some heavy debates as to which artists were metal and which were not. Night Ranger and Foreigner featured heavily in this debate, although for me, both bands’ albums in 1985 put aside any doubt in my mind. Neither band was metal. Still, their albums, at least Foreigner’s “Agent Provocateur” were cool albums regardless. However, come 1986, there were terms like thrash, speed, black and glam being attached to metal. This was the start to the many sub genres we see in heavy metal today.

None of the labeling really mattered that much to me. Sure, I was listening to more thrash and loving it but if an album came out that I liked, I would listen to it. Especially as the backlash which started a year earlier seemed to continue to gain momentum. In 1986, even going to concerts wasn’t safe from the anti-metal brigade. Believe me, there will be plenty of words written about that. But here was the great thing about 1986. Heavy metal would hardly ever be played on the radio although in the summer of this year, MTV would devote a half hour slot to metal videos and that was it. However, against this backlash, metal bands would still sell loads of albums and play to sold out arenas world wide! Take that Tipper Gore!

Changing the subject, in regards to last post about my top 15 front persons, it proved my senility is getting worse. I mean how in the world could I leave out Alice Cooper? Although I only saw him once, it proved that he was the great front man he is, always was and always will be. If I were to slide him into the list now, I’d put him fourth, joint with Bruce Dickinson.

Alice Cooper - Raise The Dead Tour - 2012 - 2013 - promo flyer

So, all I can say is welcome to the rock and metal tour of 1986! Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Next post: In memory of the passing of 38 Special bassist, Larry Junstrom, the first album of this year will be their 1986 “Strength in Numbers” album.

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  1. My first rock convert was an Alice Cooper concert. He was amazing.

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