Great Rock Albums of 1985: Mick Jagger- She’s the Boss


Well it was unanimous! When I asked if I should take a step back to 1985 to visit Mick Jagger’s solo album, “She’s the Boss,” two people said yes and nobody said no. So, even though it was 2-0, I can’t ignore the majority and so I’m posting about Mick’s first solo album. I assume that since no one else voted, that no one really cares that I do.

When the lead singer of a long established legendary band decides to make a solo album, the question asked is “How much is the album going to sound like the material they normally do with their band?” My simple answer isn’t so simple. Yes, there is a small departure from the traditional blues based sound of the Rolling Stones but in no way did Mick make an 80s synth pop album. The opening track, “Lonely at the Top” has a catchy vibe with some good guitar work on it. The same can be said for the second track, “1/2 a Loaf.” These are good tracks and both get me listening to the album. While you can hear some of the influence from his band, these two tracks are pure Mick.

The closest tracks to 80s synth pop are “Running Out of Luck” and the album’s first single, “Just Another Night.” I admit that when I first heard the single on the radio, it put me off the album a little. Maybe that was the intention of said single. Fortunately, I already knew not to judge an album by one song and hearing some positive things from two college friends and despite both of these guys being big Stones fans,  I gave the album a go. You know what? I don’t regret it.

Even if I hadn’t given the album a go on the advice of those friends, the second single, “Lucky in Love” would have persuaded me to. This song has some pretty hard rocking bits to it, especially in the chorus, plus the fact that Atlantic City is mentioned in it where I worked at the time.

Again, the rest of the album is some good rock. I love the intro on “Turn the Girl Loose” and while I knew way back from “Angie” that Mick was capable of singing a ballad, he does an amazing job on “Hard Woman.” It also helps that there is a fantastic guitar solo on it compliments of one Jeff Beck. It’s always been tough picking an absolute favourite on “She’s the Boss” but now I’ve made up my mind, it’s “Hard Woman.”

Track Listing:

  1. Lonely at the Top
  2. 1/2 a Loaf
  3. Running Out of Luck
  4. Turn the Girl Loose
  5. Hard Woman
  6. Just Another Night
  7. Lucky in Love
  8. Secrets
  9. She’s the Boss


Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger- lead and backing vocals, harmonica

Jeff Beck- guitar

Wally Badarou- synthesizer on “Lucky in Love” and “She’s the Boss”

John Bundrick- synthesizer on “Just Another Night”

Ray Cooper- percussion on “Lucky in Love” and congas “She’s the Boss”

Aiyb Dieng- shaker on “Lucky in Love” water drums on “Just Another Night”

Sly Dunbar- drums on tracks 3,6,7&9

Bernard Edwards- bass on tracks 2,4&8

Steve Ferrone- drums on “1/2 a Loaf”

Anton Fier- electric drums on “Just Another Night,” percussion on “She’s the Boss”

Anton Figg- drums on “Turn the Girl Loose” and “Secrets”

Guy Fletcher- synthesizer on tracks 1,7&9

Bernard Fowler- backing vocals on tracks 1,7&9

Jan Hammer- piano on “Hard Woman”

Herbie Hancock- organ on track 1, synthesizer on tracks 3,4&7

Colin Hodgkinson- bass on “Hard Woman”

Bill Laswell- bass on “Just Another Night”

Chuck Leavell- organ on “Lucky in Love” and “She’s the Boss”

Ron Magness- synthesizer on “Just Another Night”

Eddie Martinez- lead guitar on tracks 1,3&9

Alfa Anderson- ladies rap on “Turn the Girl Loose”

Lenny Pickett- baritone sax on “Turn the Girl Loose”

Daniel Ponce- beta drum on “Running Out of Luck”

Nile Rogers- guitar on “1/2 a Loaf” and “Secrets”

Robert Sabino- piano, keyboards, synthesizer on “1/2 a Loaf” and “Secrets”

Robbie Shakespeare- bass on tracks 3,6,7&9

Michael Shrieve- drums on “Lonely at the Top”

G.E. Smith- lead guitar on “Secrets”

Tony Thompson- drums on “Hard Woman”

Fonzi Thornton- backing vocals on “1/2 a Loaf”

Pete Townshend- guitar on “Lonely at the Top” acoustic guitar on “Hard Woman”

A great lineup of musicians and not one of them was Steve Lukather!

Mick Jagger proved that he could make great music without the Rolling Stones although many people are glad he stayed with the band. However, the success of this album did indirectly lead him to record what “Family Guy” calls ‘ The gayest video ever’ with David Bowie. Still, this is a great album.

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8 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1985: Mick Jagger- She’s the Boss”

  1. No kidding about the stellar lineup on this album! Man all A-List musicians!
    I think Lukather at the time was in “Africa” with “Rosanna”! haha

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  2. I’m guess you don’t need Lukather when you have Beck! Anton Figg was everywhere back then as well

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s quite the supporting cast, eh? I admit that I dismissed this album after a few listens years ago, but I’m thinking I should revisit it.

    Liked by 1 person

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