Jake and Grace’s Wedding

I hope all of you had a great Christmas. As promised, I am posting pictures of my son Jake and my new daughter in law, Grace’s wedding. Let me say it was a fantastic day and I might have had a little too much to drink at the reception. Mind you, I was in no way the only one.


Grace the lovely bride


The lovely couple


They’re very much in love


First dance


Everyone hits the dance floor


Let’s all get out and boogie


Not the first dance, but Jake and Grace were the only ones on the floor


My grandson Alex always manages to get himself recognized


The men in the wedding party in preparation


Alex wants to be in the wedding photos


My step-grandson Martin


My daughter Rowena, the lovely bridesmaid


My future daughter in law, Eline

It was a fantastic day, I hope everyone enjoyed the photos!
























4 Responses to “Jake and Grace’s Wedding”

  1. Hope u weren’t the DJ 😉

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  2. Awesome. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing. It looks like a good time was had by all. Happy New Year!

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