2020 Is Really Beginning to Suck: Rest in Peace Sean Reinhert and Joe Payne

Sadly it appears that the passing of Neil Peart was only the tip of the iceberg. Just two weeks later, I have learned of the recent passing of two more metal stars, one of them another drummer, Sean Reinhert and Joe Payne.


Sean Reinhert

Sean Reinhert was the former drummer in the bands Death and Cynic. Back in 1991, Death’s album, “Human,” has been hailed as one of the earliest examples of technical death metal and it was said that Cynic took tech-death metal even further. Sean was found unresponsive at his home in California. He was 48.


Joe Payne

Joe Payne was a former bassist in the bands Nile and Divine Heresy. He was only 35 and the cause of death is not yet known at this time. Former band mates have been paying their respects and saying what a great musician Joe was.

Naturally, I hope you will all join me in my condolences to these two musicians. It seems two more tragic losses to metal in 2020.


































4 Responses to “2020 Is Really Beginning to Suck: Rest in Peace Sean Reinhert and Joe Payne”

  1. Not off to a great start for sure!

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  2. What the??

    This is like a horrible joke.

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