Great Rock One Hit Wonders of 1986 and Other Significant Songs

While there weren’t many one hit wonders in the proper sense worth remembering in 1986, there were quite a few significant songs which were. Take this first offering. While Aerosmith’s 1985 “Done With Mirrors” album put them back on the rock and roll map, it didn’t propel them to the superstardom they had once enjoyed in the 1970s. In 1986, they were given a boost from a rather unexpected hand. Rap group Run DMC collaborated with the band to make a cover of Aerosmith’s classic hit, “Walk This Way” and it was a great success for both. The song even got redneck white boys listening to rap and it put Aerosmith truly on the road back to superstardom.

Already, I can hear Jess and many other of my Australian followers screaming that Jimmy Barnes wasn’t a one hit wonder. Don’t worry, I agree with you. However, his 1986 hit “Working Class Man” is the song is what Jimmy is best known for and it’s a great one. I almost got to see him live in 1986 as he was on tour supporting ZZ Top. Unfortunately, he had left the tour by the time ZZ Top made it to Philadelphia.

Suzanne Vega wasn’t a one hit wonder either but the song that attracted my attention and got a fair amount of radio airplay was “Left of Center.” It stood out because it was far better than most of the crap commercial radio was offering. Besides, the title of the song indicated the political direction I was heading at the time.

Five weeks in the UK, I was sitting in a pub in North London when a very interesting song started playing on the juke box. Upon a quick look, I discovered it was a cover of the song, “Spirit in the Sky” done by Doctor and the Medics. These guys were truly one hit wonders as I know of nothing more they came out with. But hey, it’s a good song.

Naturally, I save the best for last. All throughout 1985, with all the aid for Africa songs coming out, it was suggested that metal artists get together and make a song for Africa. Ronnie James Dio obliged them. Getting together with some of the great metal singers and guitarists, “Stars” was made and released in 1986. Unlike all the other charity songs, not only was there vocals contributions but some of the greatest lead guitarists in metal got to lay down contributions of their own. I’ve always loved this song but some metalheads didn’t. I don’t know why.

If you watch the video, it will tell you who does what on the song

While 1986 didn’t produced one hit wonders which I thought were worthy of being put on an 80smetalman’s post, the year did give us some great one off songs that were.

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8 Responses to “Great Rock One Hit Wonders of 1986 and Other Significant Songs”

  1. I had a friend that wanted “Spirit in the Sky” played at her funeral. πŸ™‚

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  2. I picked up a copy of Hear N Aid on vinyl a ways back. I need to review that at some point. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. Jose Oseguera Says:

    It’s the music I grew up with πŸ‘Œ Nice post!

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  4. Walk This Way is still a cool song, and a fun video too. I remember Spirit in the Sky being all over the place. We absolutely loved ‘Stars’ back in the day, and were always picking it apart for individual performances. So many metallers in one go!! Tbh I forgot about it these days, so thanks for posting it up πŸ™‚ Brilliant to listen to it again and see the video!

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