Great Rock Albums of 1986: Madonna- True Blue


No matter how much I hate to admit it, Madonna had hit the big time by 1986. It seemed that every time you tuned in to MTV, there was a Madonna video. My sister Dawn and I used to joke that the station had changed its name from Music Television to Madonna Television where every hour you get to see a Madonna video, per minute. The video that got played the most was the first single from her 1986 “True Blue” album called “Papa Don’t Preach.” I prefer Kelly Osbourne’s cover of the song but that’s not the point.


Madonna in the 1980s

There is nothing much I can say about “True Blue” because except for hearing a couple of the singles played in public places, I never listened to it. So if you really thought I would seriously post a Madonna album, then scroll down.




A little more







Maybe she should have had Steve Lukather play on the album. Have a listen to Kelly Osbourne instead.

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10 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1986: Madonna- True Blue”

  1. HA. Good One!

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  2. No,I didn’t. Was it any good.?


  3. I actually have that vinyl in my collection. I bought a collection of about 40 for dirt cheap and it was in there…I kept it. It ain’t half bad. Yes, I listened to it to make sure it worked! really…I am sticking with that excuse!

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  4. Hah, good one 🙂 I liked some of her stuff back then, though I didn’t buy anything of hers till her late 90s career.

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