Coping With the Crisis in a Metal Way


In the wake of the Covid crisis, with governments telling us not to spread out germs to everyone, I thought this would be a great metal way to follow guidelines. I got the above bandanna back in 1985 and I wear it to concerts and festivals, usually tied around my head. So, I thought, “Why not follow guidelines and still look cool in the process?” Therefore I will be wearing this over my nose and mouth while precautions are in place and to show further spirit to the cause, I’ll be changing my profile picture to the one below. I just hope it doesn’t scare people off.



On a more amusing note, I watched “Spiderman Far From Home” the other night and there was a line that had me laughing inside. It was when Peter Parker is with Tony Stark’s assistant and the assistant puts on AC/DC’s “Back in Black” to which Peter remarks, “Cool, I love Led Zeppelin.” Someone needs to give Mr Parker a music history lesson.

That’s all for now, stay safe!


















































16 Responses to “Coping With the Crisis in a Metal Way”

  1. Rock on Michael! Great look.

    I was watching Captain America Civil War last night, and Peter Parker had another funny line. “Hey do you guys remember that really old movie, The Empire Strikes Back?”

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  2. That’s a kick ass face protection metalman! Good on you for thinking of others as well as yourself. With many countries struggling to source surgical masks for their frontline carers, the public wearing a home made mask is ideal for journeys outside, and helps preserve the clinical masks. \m/

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  3. I heard the virus can live for a long time on metal!

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  4. Remember to wash your mask! Makes me wonder how Spidey and Batman wash their costumes?

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  5. Stay safe dude.

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