Great Soundtracks of 1986: Iron Eagle


It seemed from 1985 til the end of the decade, there were a spate of Rambo type ‘America gets even’ films. In 1986, two films come to mind. One is “Top Gun,” the other was “Iron Eagle” starring Lou Gossett Jr. To be honest, due to the political direction I was heading at the time, this film didn’t interest me and I admit I have never seen it. Again, I will take recommendations as to whether I should. However, like with “Maximum Overdrive,” the movie has a really cool soundtrack.

Opening track, “One Vision,” quashed my fears of Queen. After “Radio Gaga,” I was paranoid that they were heading in the direction of synth pop but Brian May’s guitar riffs said otherwise. The second song introduced me to King Kobra. Well, I had heard of the band but their song on the soundtrack made me take a serious look at them. I’m glad of that.

As typical with the 1980s soundtracks, there is a little known artist who puts out a melodic hard rock song to try to reel in trendies and metalheads alike. That is the case with the track, “These Are the Good Times,” by Eric Martin. It is a mid-tempo hard rock tune which I like. Then comes the real surprise on the record for me. A year earlier, the world was treated to “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. It was one of those catchy pop songs with just enough guitar to whet one’s interest. I didn’t dislike the song but it wasn’t in my ‘must hear when it comes on’ list. However, on the soundtrack, they put out a blinder of a rocker with “When a Maniac Calls.” Really, the song surprised the shit out of me and it gets the vote for hidden gem.

Unlike some soundtracks I’ve posted about in the past, the makers of this soundtrack didn’t try anything daft like putting Madonna on the album with Dio. Dio is on the album with what to me was an unknown song in “Hide the Rainbow.” What can I say? It’s what you expect from Dio and to my knowledge, it hasn’t been on any Dio album or played live. I don’t know why because it is a decent song. In addition, you get a cool contribution in the form of Canadian Metallers Helix. “It’s Too Late” is a good tune from them and adds considerably to the soundtrack’s quality. What the soundtrack does do in the tradition of 80s film soundtracks is to put in the token rap song in order to appeal to African American listeners. The offering comes in the form of “Intense” by George Clinton.

The three tracks closing out the album are from little known artists. While those songs are okay as I never skip over them when listening to the album, they never really get me wanting to explore their discography more. The best of the three is “Road of the Gypsy” from Adrenaline and I believe it would have been better as the closer. It just has that end of album feel to me. Still, in the end, “Iron Eagle” has a cool soundtrack with some great songs.

Track listing:



  1. Queen- One Vision


2. King Kobra-Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)

3. Eric Martin- These are the Good Times

4. Katrina and the Waves- Maniac House

5. George Clinton- Intense



6. Dio- Hide the Rainbow


Helix and their friends

7. Helix- It’s Too Late

8. Adrenalin- Road of the Gypsy

9. Urgent- Love Can Make You Cry

10. John Butcher Axis- The Raging Fire


There you have it! Another film I didn’t see which has a cool soundtrack.

Next post: Top Gun
























































8 Responses to “Great Soundtracks of 1986: Iron Eagle”

  1. I remember seeing this movie and for that matter the soundtrack. Never took the plunge on that one though.
    From Rainbow In The Dark to Hide The Rainbow.

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  2. I just listened to ‘Intense’ by George Clinton after reading this. Well that’s a great combination of awkward, funny and truly awful. Perhaps it just hasn’t aged well. Actually maybe its growing on me…”With your bad self”…Ha!

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  3. I love this soundtrack. I used to have this and now I want it again. It is going on the list. I saw this movie in the theater and it is not as good a Top Gun, but I enjoyed it. It was entertaining enough…the music helped.

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