Happy V.E. Day


Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Allies’ victory in Europe in World War 2. I think it’s even more important to remember this as that generation who gave their all, are aging and beginning die off. This might sound a bit tacky, but I am convinced that if Hitler had been victorious, we wouldn’t have the music which we so passionately enjoy.

Since most people are probably thinking Vera Lynn or Glen Miller, I thought I would share the song symbolizing the Second World War which is most important to me. It is the theme song to the 1968 film, “Anzio,” starring Robert Mitchum and Peter Falk.



The war has been over for 75 years and while we remember all of those who fought and died, it is not a time for hate. Germany has produced so many great bands that the world would be poorer if it hadn’t. We remember, forgive and move on. I think this song, “Proud of My Country,” by German metallers Bonfire sums it up better.

Happy V.E. Day!































2 Responses to “Happy V.E. Day”

  1. VE Day seems really big this year – it’s all over my Facebook feed.

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