You Will Be Able To Buy Rock and Roll Children Direct From Me


Some of you have expressed interest in my book “Rock And Roll Children.” Since, Amazon no longer carries it, I found that I can purchase copies direct from the publisher and sell them on. My first order of ten books, two are already earmarked, have been ordered and are on the way to me. When they get here, I’ll find out shipping costs and then copies will be officially for sale. Plus, since they’re coming directly from me, I, the author, will personally autograph each copy and personalize the autograph for you.

Anyone interested can email me direct at:

It’s the 1980s and heavy metal music has exploded across America and Frankie, Bob, Rick and Jeff are caught up in it. From Dio to Twisted Sister, these metal heads hit up every concert they can. Attending college in different states, and even countries, heavy metal music is what brings these four best friends back together summer after summer. But with the middle of the 1980s begins the “intolerance” of heavy metal music. Girlfriends, yuppies and Jesus freaks want to put an end to the heavy metal scene just as artists like Ozzy Osbourne and Aerosmith are playing their greatest hits! Cracks begin emerging in their friendship while everyone is trying to make their own way in the world, especially when Jeff’s travels lead him to England. Will heavy metal all like Ted Nugent, Anthrax and Judas Priest bring these four friends back together, or are their partying days soon to be over?

Look forward to hearing from you.

























































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