Great Metal Albums of 1986: Armoured Saint- Delirious Nomad


Technically, I should have not so fond memories of the second album from Armoured Saint, “Delirious Nomad.” I went to see them live, when touring for the album, in New York at a metal club called L’Amour, which is no longer there. First, while having a pre-concert party with my famous jungle juice, (Bacardi Light, Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice), New York’s finest stopped us and wanted to know what was inside the jug. I was honest and they left us alone after that. Maybe they should have confiscated it because I got very drunk as a result. So drunk that I only vaguely remember the opening band, Hades, and have no recollection of the second band, Sneak Attack. Then, in between Sneak Attack and Armoured Saint, one of the bouncers busted us for smoking a joint and threatened to kick us out if he caught us again. I did sober up enough to remember quite a bit of Armoured Saint’s show and it was good. However, after the gig, some skinhead tried to pick a fight with me and when I didn’t oblige, attacked me. He should have kicked my ass but he must have been drunk too. I do remember him hitting me and me laughing at him. Therefore, with all of these not so good memories, one might never listen to an Armoured Saint album ever again, but “Delirious Nomad” is too good an album to let some unfortunate events keep me from enjoying it.

The best way to sum the album up is to say that it’s a classic, straight forward heavy metal album. Everything one wants from a metal album is present here. The first two tracks set the pace of great things to come. Both songs are straight ahead metal songs but while good, not stand out. It is the third song where things take a turn. “Over the Edge” has a very bluesy vibe to it, while at the same time no less of a metal song. I think it’s here that the band finally relax and just crank, especially the guitar solo. It’s what Eric Clapton would sound like if he went heavy metal and it’s also my pick for hidden gem.

Things speed up with the almost speed metal sounding “The Laugh.” This would be a good song in a mosh pit as would its successor, “Conqueror.” They are the two fastest songs and they make their stamp on the album. Plus, I really dig that guitar solo on “Conqueror.” While not as fast, “For the Sake of Heaviness” is indeed heavy. There are crunching guitars galore and a screeching solo on this one. “Aftermath” has an Metallica/Anthrax sounding intro before going nearly ballad like. While the vocals of John Bush are good on every track, they stand out the most on this song. But the ballad like part soon disappears and gives way to some great forceful metal with yet another great guitar solo. It makes me lament the fact that Phil Sandoval left the band. The metal party carries on with “In the Hole,” another good metal tune where power and melody make a lethal combination and on this one, Dave Pritchard shows that he can bend the six string to his will.

Now normally, a song titled “You’re Never Alone” gives visions of a ballad. This is far from that. Starting with a cool drum tirade from Gonzo Sandoval, the band waste no time getting down to business and it’s on this song where I think Joey Vera has his standout moment on the bass. And if you think that the band were going out easy, then you’d be far wrong. The closer, “Reckless,” is just one massive mosh party, probably as fast as “The Laugh” and “Conqueror.” One thing I can say is that it takes the album out while giving you one last earache and if you headbang to it, you will be sore.

Track Listing:

  1. Long Before I Die
  2. Nervous Man
  3. Over the Edge
  4. The Laugh
  5. Conqueror
  6. For the Sake of Heaviness
  7. Aftermath
  8. In the Hole
  9. You’re Never Alone
  10. Released

Armoured Saint

John Bush- vocals

Dave Pritchard- guitars

Joey Vera- bass, backing vocals

Gonzo Sandoval- drums

Phil Sandoval- guitar on “Over the Edge” and “Aftermath”

Note: Phil Sandoval left the band during the recording of the album.

If you were to call it good, one positive I took away from that night I saw Armoured Saint in New York was not to get so drunk at concerts. I never did after that, well there was a slip at Van Halen but that’s the only one. Still, it didn’t put me off getting this album because, “Delirious Nomad” does deliver. Besides, I would eventually see Armoured Saint again at Bloodstock 2015, putting to rest any bad memories. Sadly, I can’t remember if they played anything from this album.


Phil Sandoval shredding away, Armoured Saint at Bloodstock 2015

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10 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1986: Armoured Saint- Delirious Nomad”

  1. They played one song according to:

    This is a good album. I am very late to the party, only bought this around Christmas this year. I’ve had Symbol of Salvation for years and years but never went any further until recenrly for some reason.

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  2. Wow, what a night out!

    My only knowledge of them really is when Anthrax borrowed their singer for a bit.

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  3. I’m never going to see them live now. 😀

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  4. I think I went to L’amour when I was in New York in the Eighties. I’ve been wasted like that before, too. Never been attacked by a drunk Skinhead tho, do you recommend it?

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  5. I bought the debut as I dug at the time the whole medieval deal they were going after and I dug Bush’s voice.
    For some reason I never followed up with this one…

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