Great Metal Albums of 1986: Accept- Russian Roulette


Keeping with my newly established tradition of posting albums from bands I’ve seen live together in conjunction with each other is why this post is Accept’s “Russian Roulette” album. In 1986, I saw Accept open for Dio when Dio came back around to promote the “Intermission” album. Let me say that I was totally impressed with Accept and since this was the only time I’ve seen them live, I would love to see them live again. They were that good!

Have you ever listened to an album over the years and while you thought it was a good album, then you listened to it that one time and realized that the album is f*cking brilliant? I had that experience last year when I listened to this album last year while driving to a weekend away for one of my step-granddaughter’s birthdays. To be honest, it was the 2014 re-issue with three bonus live tracks but still, even without those tracks, “Russian Roulette” just kicks ass.

One reason why I love this album so much is that I struggle to pick out a favourite track on it. No matter what track I listen to, the next one is just as good and that’s what you want from any album. I can’t even pick out that many highlights on it because the songs hold their own so much, but I can try. Take for instance the title cut, if I didn’t have the album case by my side when I listened to it, I would have thought the title was “War Games.” That one, along with the opener are both anti-war songs and with Germany being the likely starting point for any armed confrontation between the US and USSR back in 1986, I can see why they might be a bit anti-war.

As much as I enjoyed Accept’s live performance, my friend wasn’t so impressed. He stated that they sounded too much like AC/DC. I do agree that there is an AC/DC influence in the songs on “Russian Roulette,” but I will not call Accept AC/DC clones. There is enough of a unique sound to say that they are truly their own band. Besides, I can detect a bit of Scorpions influence as well in the song, “Aiming High.” Maybe it was because lead singer Udo Dirkschneider has a high pitched vocal similar but not identical to Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. Still, the band behind Udo is superb in their playing. Love the guitar solo on “Heaven is Hell.”

Track Listing:

  1. TV War
  2. Monsterman
  3. Russian Roulette
  4. It’s Hard to Find a Way
  5. Aiming High
  6. Heaven is Hell
  7. Another Second To Be
  8. Waling in the Shadow
  9. Man Enough to Cry
  10. Stand Tight


Udo Dirkschneider- vocals

Wolf Hoffmann- guitars

Jorg Fischer- guitars

Peter Baltes- bass

Steffan Kaufmann- drums


If I were to re-make my top fifteen albums list, “Russian Roulette” by Accept would definitely be on it. This is a fantastic album, it’s just a shame it took me more than thirty years to realize it. I would love the opportunity to see them live again.

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12 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1986: Accept- Russian Roulette”

  1. I’ve just told Alexa to play russian roulette..:) its alright that ! Like his voice…

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  2. For some reason this album stalled for them on the charts which was surprising as I really liked BTTW and Metal Heart. For some reason I never got this.
    Guess this album is the same for me as it took me over 30 years to appreciate DIO’s Sacred Heart record!

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  3. interesting !!

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  4. Good post, they’re a band that have really grown on me over the years – I’ve never heard anything bad, or even average by them at all.

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