Rest in Peace Charlie Daniels


Charlie Daniels

The first year of the new decade continues to suck as it is my sad duty to report the death of Charlie Daniels. Charlie was the lead singer of the Charlie Daniels band, whose most famous hit was “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” However, he had a good many songs and albums, some of which were posted about here. What I loved about his music back in the late 1970s and early 80s was how he was able to so skillfully tread the tightrope between country and rock music and giving a unique sound to what was identified as Southern Rock. Therefore, without any further babbling, Rest in Peace Charlie!


Charlie Daniels Band

And here are two of my favourite Charlie Daniels songs:

The Devil has truly gone down to Georgia. R.I.P. Charlie!


















































6 Responses to “Rest in Peace Charlie Daniels”

  1. Rest in peace, indeed. ❤ I had no idea that he was that old! He will be missed!

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  2. I grew up on Charlie Daniels! It’s so hard to believe he isn’t with us anymore! “The Devil went Down to Georgia was my favorite as a kid!

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