Great Metal Albums of 1986: Lizzy Borden- Menace to Society


When metalheads could no longer rely on radio or MTV for news of new metal releases, even before 1986, they searched record stores and relied on discoveries by friends and acquaintances in order to learn of offerings from metal bands. Thinking about it, metal magazines such as “Hit Parader,” (I didn’t call it Motley Crue Magazine this time), also were a great source of information. However, it was through a friend of a friend as to how I learned of the album, “Menace to Society” from Lizzy Borden. I had heard of this band before then but never explored them to this point.

Lizzy Borden typified the LA metal scene at the time. Bands were coming out of that great metal city thick and fast and  Lizzy Borden was among them. There were many more never discovered but that’s a story for another time. The problem is that with so much metal albums around at the time, in order to get recognized, it had to be an album from a well known band, or an up and coming band had to open for such a band on tour or have a great, kick ass album. While, “Menace to Society” is a good solid metal album, it doesn’t stand out with some of the classics of the time.

What Lizzy Borden brought to the table with this album was a good core metal album and a typical glam metal image which was also getting lots of notoriety in 1986. I didn’t give two sh*ts about image, usually. Listening again after so many years, one can’t fault the musicianship and commitment of this band. Starting at the base, the rhythm section of Mike Davis (bass) and Joey Scott Harges (drums) is as good as any. Likewise, Gene Allen and Alex Nelson are very good guitarists. The rhythm guitars on “Menace to Society” make the rhythm section that much better but with the added bonus that both of them can shred when called on to do so. At the top of the pile is lead singer Lizzy Borden, yes that’s the name he goes by here. His vocals fit the sound really well. I’ll will say that he’s not quite a Gillan, Dio, Coverdale, Snider, Meine etc but he’s not far below them either.

Now you are wondering about the songs on the album. From my viewpoint, the best tracks all fall in between tracks two and six. While I won’t take anything away from the others, it is those five tracks which showcase the band’s talents the best. Of those tracks, while not too easy to choose, it wasn’t that tough to choose the best track on the album. That award goes to “Bloody Mary” with it’s slow, enticing intro before blowing into a solid burning song with some cool guitar solos. However, the band released “Ultra Violence” as the single which got nowhere. I don’t think it even got played on the late Saturday night radio show, “Metal Shop.” It was a good track too.

Track Listing:

  1. Generation Aliens
  2. Notorious
  3. Terror of the Town
  4. Bloody Mary
  5. Stiletto
  6. Ultra Violence
  7. Love Kills
  8. Brass Tactics
  9. Ursa Minor
  10. Menace to Society


Lizzy Borden

Lizzy Borden- vocals

Alex Nelson- guitars, backing vocals

Gene Allen- guitars

Mike Davis- bass

Joey Scott Harges- drums

The million dollar question here is: Was Lizzy Borden one of those many bands who were just not fortunate enough to catch a big break? Maybe if they had supported one of the ‘big boys’ on a tour in 1986 things might have worked out different. Judging from the “Menace to Society” album, they certainly had the potential.

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8 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1986: Lizzy Borden- Menace to Society”

  1. That hair .. Sone of the best from the eighties for dude

    My Alexa seems happy to be playing then… currently playing live forever… its not aged to badly…

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  2. And I rather like the intro to stiletto

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These guys got the coverage in the rock mags at the time but for some reason I never bought there stuff

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’d like to get this. I’ve only got Master Of Disguise and it’s pretty good.

    Liked by 1 person

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