Great Metal Albums of 1986: RATT- Dancing Undercover

When “Dancing Undercover” from RATT came out, my sister stated that they should change their name to RUTT. Her point being that the album sounded exactly like their first two. Actually, she may be right in this case, there is a bit of a ‘been there, done that’ feel to the album but at least they didn’t resort to synthesizers like some other bands were doing at the time.

What the album doesn’t have which the first two had was a big single. Debut album “Outta the Cellar” brought the world, “Round and Round” and “Invasion of Your Privacy” gave us the phenomenal “You’re in Love.” Both songs got me listening to those albums without any hesitation. The single from “Dancing Undercover,” “Dance,” wasn’t a chart sensation. In fact, I think there are better songs on the album, actually practically all of them.

As far as I’m concerned, the album doesn’t get into full swing until the third track, “Drive Me Crazy.” That one is an uptempo metal jam where Stephen Pearcy’s voice doesn’t sound tired and hosts a cool guitar solo. I assume it was Warren DeMartini who played it but Wikipedia isn’t forthcoming on it.

“Slip of the Lip” progresses things along even further. This is one powerful tune where the guitars pound at the catchy chorus, “Loose lips sink ships, the way you move, you don’t mess.” This one gets my vote for hidden gem. But if I were to choose a better song for the single, it would be “Body Talk.” This song sounds more like the two big singles from the previous albums which made RATT a sensation. I love that guitar solo. It was released as a single in Japan so the question is: why not anywhere else?

Talking about songs more suited to be a better single than “Dance,” then the first song on side two, “Looking for Love” is a definite candidate. It has that catchy melody but at the same time, no less hard rock. Gee, if I had a time machine, I would go back and advise the band on this. It could have made the album more successful.

“7th Avenue” is a good stomper but not one I would call single material. Still, it earns its place on the album. It is the beginning of the end for the album as the other songs, while not filler, they’re not spectacular either. They serve to take the album out on a steady ride.

Track Listing:

  1. Dance
  2. One Good Lover
  3. Drive Me Crazy
  4. Slip of the Lip
  5. Body Talk
  6. Looking for Love
  7. 7th Avenue
  8. Doesn’t Matter
  9. Take a Chance
  10. Enough is Enough

Stephen Pearcy- lead vocals

Warren DeMartini- guitar, backing vocals

Robbin Crosby- guitar, backing vocals

Juan Crocier- bass, backing vocals

Bobby Blotzer- drums, percussion

Another happening pertaining to RATT from 1986 is that in said year, Stephen Pearcy posed for Playgirl Magazine. I know of some ladies who stated that the crotch area looked a bit ‘deflated,’ thus fueling the suspicion that Stephen stuffed a pair of socks down his trousers before going on stage.

Stephen Pearcy in Playgirl

The big question is, was RATT in a rut as a result of “Dancing Undercover?” My answer is not really as there are a couple of fresh sounding songs on it. However, it’s not nearly as good as the first two album. Recently, I listened to the 2010 “Infestation” album and thought that was better. Still, this album isn’t bad.

Next post: Great White- Shot in the Dark

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9 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1986: RATT- Dancing Undercover”

  1. Got this one recently but I haven’t listened to it yet. I only really know the EP and Out Of The Cellar.

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  2. I always liked this album as it reminded me of another album out at the same time which was Aerosmith’s Done With Mirrors! Basically a live album recorded in the studio on the fly.
    Me and my buddy Tbone debated this one. Tbone said the album sounded to him ‘rushed’ but to me I liked that everything was raw sounding including the production.
    I thought the second side was better than the first side!
    7th Avenue you can smell Hollywood 86 on that one lol

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    • I get what Tbone means about it being rushed, it was their third album in three years so it could be the case. Interesting comparison to Done With Mirrors and which side is better could go either way. Side one has the killer tunes but has a couple not that great. While except for “Looking for Love,” there is no really standout songs on the second side but they are all evenly good.


  3. I like this one a lot. I actually like it better than Invasion. You are right that there a better songs for singles and Looking For Love would’ve been great. My favorite is Body Talk as that one rocked out and had a lot of energy.

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  4. BWAHAHAHA I had no idea about Playgirl! That’s hilarious!

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