Rest in Peace Lee Kerslake

Lee Kerslake

Once again, we have another reason to say that 2020 sucks as the year claimed another great musician to the great gig in the sky. Lee Kerslake was the long time drummer of prog rock band Uriah Heep and played on what many consider to be Ozzy’s best albums. His first two albums, “Blizzard of Oz” and “Diary of a Madman.” Lee was 73 and died of prostate cancer.

Rest in peace Lee! 😦

13 Responses to “Rest in Peace Lee Kerslake”

  1. That’s a great moustache.

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  2. I remember hearing him on Ozzy’s first solo LP.


  3. Sad to hear this. A top drummer and friendly guy. I met him backstage at a Heep concert on the Equator tour where he happily chatted and signed my programme. Not a bad CV drumming for Ozzy and Heep over the years. RIP man!

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  4. Damn shame. Turns out I’ve been a fan of his since back when I thought Tommy Aldridge played on those albums.

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