Great Metal Albums of 1986: Voivod- Rrroooaaarrr

I saw Canadian thrash metal Voivod twice in 1986. The first time, they supported the Cro Mags and Venom in New York and the second was as the middle act between the English Dogs and Possessed in Camden Town, London. My conclusion from those two concerts was that Voivod were so good because they were so bad. If I was a non-metalhead, I would have thought the band ticked all the stereotypical boxes of heavy metal bands; the singer screams instead of sings and the rest of the band can only play three chords. However, I am a metal head and can appreciate the joyful noise Voivod makes.

What seeing those two live performances didn’t do was to put me off listening to their albums. When their second album, “Rrroooaaarrr,” came out, I had to give it a listen. By this time in 1986, I was looking for the thrash and with this album, Voivod definitely deliver it: starter, main course and dessert!

In spite of what I’ve just said about the headache inducing thrash they were known for, there is some melody on the album. The most melodic song on the album happens to be “Slaughter in a Grave.” This is the best technical song as lead singer, Snake, does try to sing more instead of just shouting the song and full marks, guitarist Piggy does rip a couple of good solos. However, even though the title of “Slaughter in a Grave” must have turned the heads of the PMRC, one can’t ignore any song which is titled, “Fuck Off and Die.” As a 25 year old, the title really amused me and even though I am now eight months away from the big 6-0, I still find the title amusing. What’s more is the fact that it’s not just an amusing title, the song itself is a great hardcore thrash party and that’s why it’s my favourite of the album.

Here’s another point about “Rrroooaaarrr,” while it’s not an album I would play around my two year old grandson, there is lots of swearing, the lyrics aren’t all swearing or themed on violence or gratuitous sex. Another misconception aimed at heavy metal, especially thrash. For example, I think “Horror” and “Build Your Weapons” are anti-war songs. But like every song on the album, the pounding chords of the music can sometimes mask the lyrics. That’s what is good about this album.

Track Listing:

  1. Korgull the Exterminator
  2. Fuck Off and Die
  3. Slaughter in a Grave
  4. Ripping Headaches
  5. Horror
  6. Thrashing Rage
  7. The Helldriver
  8. Build Your Weapons
  9. To the Death!

Snake (Denis Belanger)- vocals

Piggy (Denis D’Amour)- guitars

Blacky (Jean Yves- Theriault)- bass

Away (Michel Langevin)- drums

Anyone looking for thrash metal in 1986 didn’t need to look far if they had the album “Rrroooaaarrr” from Voivod. This is thrash at its purest and it still hold up today.

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8 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1986: Voivod- Rrroooaaarrr”

  1. Always meant to get this, I only have ‘Technology and ‘Hatros

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  2. This is a cool album. But it does bring on a headache. I feel a bit carsick when it’s on.

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  3. They are a damned cool band. I get the headache thing. I would like to like them a bit more than I do.

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