An Early Happy New Year

Not a bad haul. I must have been a good boy this year.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! As you can see, Santa was good to me this year. Not only did I get the new AC/DC album, I got a few albums I wasn’t expecting. The Metallica, Ozzy and Thin Lizzy, which for some reason isn’t in the photo, were upgrades as I had all of these on either cassette or vinyl. FTR, the Thin Lizzy was “Live and Dangerous.” Anyway, I hope all of you had good hauls as well.

Repeating what many other people have said, 2020 was a bust. Fortunately, I had my music and a lot of music which many of you have shared on your blogs. We all seemed to pull together and help each other get through, which was good to see and although there is still more shit ahead, the end might be insight. This past year was the first year since 2014 where I didn’t go to any live gigs. The lockdown meant that Hells Bells couldn’t come to town and my plan to go to Bloodstock for the Sunday was also put on hiatus. However, the good news about Bloodstock is that most of the line up planned for 2020 will be there for 2021. That means Judas Priest will still headline on the Sunday with Saxon on right before them! Additionally, and this has me considering coming out of retirement and going to Bloodstock for the full three days, Mercyful Fate is now headlining on the Saturday. Devin Townsend headlining the Friday makes it even more tempting.

Since, I will be working over the New Year’s period, I would like now to wish all of you an Happy New Year and may your 2021 be a joyous one.

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17 Responses to “An Early Happy New Year”

  1. Those are some solid additions to the collection!

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  2. Cheers pal and nice haul! Lots of good rock there!

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  3. The first concert I ever went to was the ‘Monsters of Rock’ concert in the Kingdome of Seattle, WA 1988 which included Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken, Kingdom Come, and Metallica. To this day Metallica is still my favorite group and because of a Truth I realized about musical artists, I have gone on to listening to all kinds of music.

    I’ve only been to 2 concerts since then because around the time of that concert, I put myself into an Autistic state to block out the indoctrinations of the church and for 30+ years I avoided most of society since the indoctrinations of the church are also very evident in the government and educational system that they created.

    All that time was very rewarding in the fact that I got to understand the truth about the church so well that I can now prove in about a hundred different ways that the church is full of sh!t and they can’t argue back with me without proving me right!

    What the church doesn’t want people to know is that the True God who actually respects us for who we are is constantly inspiring people through musicians lyrics, book writers that sometimes turn into movies and series, and a whole mess of other types of artists.

    By listening to all various types of music I’ve found tons of messages in the lyrics themselves and there is a ton of Truths in a lot of movies today, especially science fiction that often depicts some kind of truth through the storyline itself which once understood isn’t too hard to relate it to what is going on in the world today.

    Anyways, I’ve caused a very close connection to the True God of nature mostly through my respect for all of nature and, as any Gardner knows, in order to kill a weed, you don’t just prune it by nipping off little problems it is creating, but instead, you rip it up by the roots and whatever is left after that will die off very quickly.

    Well, since the church is the main root cause of almost all the problems in the world today, you might guess what I’m going after to resolve this!

    The church hates me for a reason, because I am exactly like Jesus Christ who actually had nothing to do with religion. He was turning everyone against the church and government and over time his teachings almost destroyed the church. Since he got himself killed by the church and government, he never fully accomplished what he had meant to do. So I am continuing what he started.

    The more we lie to ourselves the dumber we become and the church has proven this to be ultimately True!
    The church believes in demons, angels, and their God but then wonders if there is any other life out there!

    If you see the humor in the absolute stupidity of that, then you are probably brighter than the entire church because they still haven’t figured that one out!

    Have a Great Day!
    And sorry for this really long post as sometimes I just can’t stop.. :/

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    • Hey, feel free to ramble as much as you like. I, too, was brought up in a church environment and was a strong Born Again Christian in my youth. But I can say that as a teen, those teachings screwed up my Asperger’s mind far more than any drugs or music ever could. Hope you’ll stick around for future posts.

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  4. Nice adds to the collection. That will keep you busy for a little while! Happy New Year!

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  5. And a happy new year to you too! Much tasty stuff there…

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  6. Happy New year fella! All the best to you and yours in ’21.

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  7. What a cool haul of music goodness!
    Happy New Year Metalman and all ๐Ÿ™‚ \m/

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