Great Metal Albums of 1986: Rhett Forrester- Gone With the Wind

In 1986, I thought the songs which appeared on the Metal Sisters’ compilation tape were awesome, now in 2021, I am finding how great many of the albums those songs were on were good. Cue former Riot lead singer Rhett Forrester’s debut solo album, “Gone With the Wind.” Thankfully, the Metal Sisters put the two songs from the album after the Jack Starr songs and in the notes, I knew that Rhett had sung the vocal on the phenomenal Jack Starr song, “Crazy Again.” Now I got to hear what Rhett could do on his own.

The opening title track was one of the two songs which were on the tape. Since it leads off the album, I feel it’s in its rightful place. “Gone With the Wind” is a great belter of an opening song with some great power chords. The sounds of strong winds blowing at the beginning might have been done before by others but it sets the right tone here and makes you want to stick around for the rest of the album.

With this album, the Metal Sisters did choose the best two tracks to put on the tape. The other song on it is the third track, “The Last Thing I Do.” It’s one of those songs which lures you into thinking it’s going to be a power ballad before all hell breaks loose at the chorus. This formula is repeated at the second verse but what I notice now is the guitar in the background during the ballad part, which definitely adds a bit of flavour to it. Then after the second verse, all hell breaks loose again but it stays that way for the rest of the song and has a blinder of a guitar solo. Unfortunately, my search for the musicians who play on the album have turned up nothing and that’s a bit of a bummer because whoever is the guitarist here, he cooks!

Insert 80sMetalman repetition: two great songs don’t make a great album and yes, the rest of “Gone With the Wind” holds up. The track, “Cranky Boy,” which is sandwiched between the two tracks on the tape, while not as great as the two mentioned tracks, acts as a good bridge between them. Some straight forward power chords and a cool guitar solo. God, I’d love to know who played guitar on this album.

With a video to accompany the song, I deduce that “Assume the Position” was meant to be released as a single. Listening to it has me thinking about something Keepsmealive said about “Crazy Again.” He sensed a KISS feel to that song and there is an 80s KISS feel to “Assume the Position.” It’s a very melodic metal tune but things get hard and heavy again with “Shake the Shadow.” I have to say, I think this song hosts Rhett’s best vocal performance on the album. He just sounds noticeably clearer on it. The same can be said on “Moving in for the Kill.” While this is one of those decent straight-forward metal tunes, it is more filler but good filler. The guitar solo is another blinder. Same could possibly be said for “Boys Wanna Fight,” except whoever is the drummer here should step up for praise from yours truly. The drums are really good on this one.

Track Listing:

  1. Gone With the Wind
  2. Cranky Boy
  3. The Last Think I Do
  4. Assume the Position
  5. Voyage to Nowhere
  6. Shake the Shadow
  7. Boys Wanna Fight
  8. Moving In for the Kill
  9. Live With Me
Rhett Forrester

Rhett Forrester- lead vocals

Paul Kayen-guitar

Gary Bordonaro- bass

Carl Canedy- drums

If I had been more knowledgeable of music history in 1986, I would have stated that “Gone With the Wind” gave Rhett Forrester platform to move on after the disbandment of Riot. I would have called it a promising start. Unfortunately, Rhett was taken from us in 1994 after he refused to give up his car in an attempted car jacking. I’m sure those who killed him will burn in hell.

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8 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1986: Rhett Forrester- Gone With the Wind”

  1. Drums – Carl Canedy
    Bass – Garry Bordonaro. They were in The Rods but also played on Jack Starr’s Out of the Darkness with Rhett and this album.

    Guitar – Paul Kayen. He was the Aldo Nova guitarist at the time.

    When Rhett toured with Jack Starr in 1984 in support of the Out of the Darkness album, he left (or was kicked off) the tour in France. He decided to stay in France and record this album. So it was basically the same lineup as Out of the Darkness except Paul Kayen replaced Jack Starr.

    The album was released in 1984 only in France and had a USA release in 1986.

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  2. Man, when you’re done this series, you’re gonna have to put that tape behind glass in the 80sMetalMan Museum.

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  3. Also, that song kicks ass. What a driving beat! And that guitar solo!

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