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Tribute to a Metal Sister- Stacy Kroger

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‘Wild Swinging’ Stacy

You have all enjoyed the albums and the songs which appeared on “The Metal Sisters Compilation Tape” which they sent me in 1986. With Poison being the final song to appear on that tape, I thought it was only right to write a dedication post to one true metal sister, Stacy Kroger. Stacy was my sister Dawn’s best friend and she was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding. But what was coolest about her was that she was a total metalhead. I remember she was big on Judas Priest and Dokken and while I had been introduced to Yngwie Malmesteen in 1985, it was Stacy who went on so much about him, I had to get his debut album. She also introduced me to Virgin Steele. However, unfortunately Stacy is no longer with us, she passed away some ten years ago from a heart defect she had since birth, I think she was only 44 at the time.

I would love to tell you lots of great tales about the Metal Sisters but I don’t think there are many to tell. I know they went to North Jersey to see a band, whose lead singer they knew from working at the local record store, (actually it was the chain Sound Odyssey) and that night, they were threatened by that singer’s wife for paying too much attention to him. Dawn joked that they nearly had a rumble. That brings me to another point, both Metal Sisters were fired from Sound Odyssey for bullshit reasons. However, the most unfortunate aspect in Stacy’s life was her mother. Stacy’s mom, (bad pun here because she was nothing like the Fountains of Wayne song), was more like the mother in the movie “Carrie.” Trust me, I don’t exaggerate this. Dawn told me, that her mom had a total shit fit when I wrote Stacy a letter when I got over to England.

Stacy’s mother wasn’t far off from this.

Even with an overbearing, oppressive mother, Stacy was still able to find the metal. She was a great source of of information regarding new bands and albums. I remember she gave me Kreator’s “Pleasure to Kill” album which was given to the record shop as a promo. Therefore, I like to dedicate this post to “Wild Swinging” Stacy and I hope that she is watching the artists she didn’t get to see while she was alive in a better place.

Rest in peace Stacy Kroger, I hope you approve of the playlist

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p.s. There is a character named Stacy in Rock and Roll Children and it is based on her.