Rock Dudes Who Look Like Chicks

One point of heavy metal debate in 1986 came with the emergence of glam metal. There were a lot of heavy metal musicians who wore more make up than my sister, ratted out their hair and basically looked like girls. I have always found the whole thing rather amusing but it did get some hostility from the emerging thrash element. Wayne’s World, (Not the film but the segment on Saturday Night Live) even did a top ten list of rock dudes who look like chicks. Before I get to it, I would like to put down my top three in the category as they don’t appear in Wayne’s list.

3. Michael Monroe- Hanoi Rocks
2. Vinnie Vincent
1. Wayne includes just the bass player in his list, I think the whole band should be there.

I hope you enjoyed that and feel free to let me know your choices!

Next post: Since I didn’t start including songs in my posts until I got to 1984, I thought I would venture back and share the actual songs from one hit wonders between 1978-83.

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34 Responses to “Rock Dudes Who Look Like Chicks”

  1. I hate to admit it, but I used to love guys that looked like that. Funny though, I never dated someone who wore full on makeup.

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  2. I had such a crush on Rikki Rocket before I knew the truth.

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  3. Sebastian Bach was a dead ringer for Nastassja Kinski when Skid Row first started out.

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  4. Dee Snider while with Twisted Sister was an interesting looking person.

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  5. Vinnie was a scary girl.

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  6. I just thought it was all trying to be KISS without openly ripping off KISS, just kabuki theater. Either that or they started off by cadging the make-up owned by the girls on whose couch they were surfing in the early days…

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  7. I always found it odd how the lyrics are male chauvinist and the image was effeminate.

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  8. Haha! Grace Jones! I’ve never seen that… I have a couple of Hanoi Rocks LPs here and I think Monroe has a genuine claim for number 1.

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  9. Rikki Rockett and Brett Michaels were totally the prettiest out of the bunch (I prefer Rikki though). I think Richie Sambora is way prettier than Jon Bon Jovi. To be honest, I don’t get what people saw in the latter. Oddly enough, when reading some of John’s Kiss reviews and I searched up Vinnie Vincent, I thought he looked like a girl that had way too much plastic surgery (sorry). But omg, the dude in Wayne’s World is wearing a Def Leppard shirt AHHHH! Great post!

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  10. I had huge posters next to my bed of Poison, Motley Crue, and Bon Jovi when I was young. I remember my dad walked in and asked why I had so many women on my walls lol.

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