Songs From the Great One Hit Wonders of 1979 and 80

Carrying on with 1979 and 80. I’m attaching the links to the original posts for those years but I’m now giving you the songs to relive the memories. This way I don’t have to explain again why I have a disco song in 1979 when I was a fully paid of member of the “Death Before Disco” club.



Hope you enjoyed!

Next post: 1981

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8 Responses to “Songs From the Great One Hit Wonders of 1979 and 80”

  1. I don’t mind admitting that I bought both the “Knock on Wood” and “Born to be Alive” singles back then and they both still make me smile to this day.

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  2. All I can hear when listening to Knock On Wood is the old Otis version.

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  3. I definitely remember the song, “Knock on Wood” by Amii Stewart because it was one of my grandmother’s favorite songs. It also takes me back to when my grandmother bought her metallic baby-blue Chevrolet Chevette brand new! LOL! I think of my grandmother and that car every time I hear the song! LOLOL

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