Great Songs from 1982

1982 was possibly the first year where I posted songs from those who weren’t actual one hit wonders. One was from a band who had already been around for a couple of years and had some great albums. It’s just in 1982, they only released a single. FFI click the link below. It was, after all, the year I discovered my all time favourite country song.

That’s 1982 for you, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Next post: The final one in this series, 1983

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27 Responses to “Great Songs from 1982”

  1. Part of me wishes I was born 10 years sooner so I could witness the magic of the 80s! Ah well, at least I can listen to the music!

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  2. The Tommy Tutone song is an all time classic One-Hit Wonder. They don’t get better than that one. I have the Bob & Doug album. Why, I have no idea!!

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  3. Bob & Doug, Canada represent! LOL. In ’82 I was 8, and just starting to get towards having my own tastes in music. What a decade to do that in.

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  4. The Tainted Love backlash is in full swing!

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  5. Awesome blog 😊

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  6. If you like my blog and my paintings then please do follow my blog.

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  7. Definitely love “Back on the Chain Gang.” It brings back so many memories! 🙂

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