Rock One Hit Wonders From 1983 Revisited

This is the last of the series from previous one hit wonder posts because from 1984 on, I included the songs in the actual posts. I have decided to include one song from 1983 which will be deemed controversial. Nowadays, this song would probably never see the light of day but in 1983, it brought a lot of laughs, especially if you listened to the Dr. Demento Show on Sunday evening radio. However, I have decided to leave it in because it is a part of music history and history should never, never be erased. In this case, it’s a great scale to measure how much things have changed over the past 40 years or so. FFI: Click the link below.

I await the onslaught from the Cancel Culture and Woke brigades.

Next post: 1987

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6 Responses to “Rock One Hit Wonders From 1983 Revisited”

  1. Truth: I’d never heard any of these. That Stooges track, oh man.

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  2. That Rough Trade track still gets a bunch of traction on local crap radio here in Thunder Bay.

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