Rest In Peace: Jim Steinman

Jim Steinman

It is my sad duty to announce the death of Jim Steinman. Jim was most known for his collaborations with Meat Loaf, especially the “Bat Out of Hell Album,” however, reading his biography on Wikipedia, Jim had a very rich history of song writing and producing spanning more than three decades. I didn’t know until now that he wrote the song, “Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young,” which is from the soundtrack of the film, “Streets of Fire.” What I remember him most for, however, is his one solo album, “Bad for Good,” which came out in 1981. I posted about that album many many moons ago.

So, we have another great going to the great gig in the sky. Rest in Peace Jim.

16 Responses to “Rest In Peace: Jim Steinman”

  1. Yup, the world just got a little more boring.

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  2. A true rock and roll leader. He made it all BIGGER

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  3. He took songs to a whole different level. He will be missed

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  4. James texted me about this sad news. A damn shame, this. RIP, Jim.

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  5. The “Bat Out of Hell” album is considered a 70’s classic.

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