I’m Officially an Old Man Now

With my grandchildren, Alex and baby Primrose

Today I have been officially alive for six full decades! According to some, that makes me an old man. Strange, I don’t feel that much different. The main change is that I see my ability to throw and hit a softball evaporating away into the atmosphere but apart from that, I see little change. Okay, I can also say that in my advancing years, my musical tastes have gone slightly more melodic. In fact, as shown within the pages of 80smetalman, some of the acts I considered too synth pop or too sell out, commercial I have been listening to with a different ear and appreciating a bit more. However, I still love listening to a thrashing good mosh, bring on the Exodus!

What I can do is be thankful for the many blessings I have. I have three children whom I am very proud of as well as seven stepchildren. In August, I will have three grandchildren to add to my nineteen step-grandchildren. Believe me, Christmas shopping is not fun. I have a great job, actually two, working full time as a support worker with adults with autism and on days off, as a supply (substitute teacher). Plus, I get paid for one of my hobbies, I officiate (American) football. So, I have a lot to be thankful for, including a very supportive wife.

While I didn’t intentionally post the Jethro Tull album on Saturday in lieu of this post, a title from one of their older albums comes to mind. I am still too young to die but I am not yet too old to rock and roll! So, while I have no great enlightenments of wisdom to impart to the younger generations, I can at least say a big thank you to all those who have made me a better person in my life. That includes, you my readers, who have been with me for well over a decade now. So, now I will go celebrate my big 6-0.

Me with my son Will, he has a milestone birthday in two weeks, the little 3-0. You can say happy birthday to him today.

40 Responses to “I’m Officially an Old Man Now”

  1. Happy birthday, man! I’m not sure if this helps, but I thought you were 50 (you take great care of yourself)! Congrats on your three grandchildren on the way. Keep living your best life!

    Happy birthday to your son too (when that day comes)!

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  2. Happy Birthday Squire

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  3. Happy Birthday to both and congrats on all the grandbabies!!

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  4. Happy birthday to you, and in advance to your son!

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  5. Also, 60 isn’t old. My grandma used to complain about being old, and I told her that until she was 90 I wouldn’t hear it. She laughed.

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  6. Happy birthday, man!

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  7. Congratulations, Grandpa! Such a beautiful baby granddaughter! ā¤

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  8. …beautiful family altogether!

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  9. Happy happy birthday! Wishing you many more!

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  10. Happy 60th birthday to you and happy 30th to your son Will. Hope you both have an awesome day šŸ˜€

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  11. many many congratulations indeed! Keep on rocking!

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  12. Happy Bday Fella’s! Cheers from the Great White North! Enjoy the grandkids Sir!

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  13. Happy birthday. Iā€™m a couple of decades younger than you but we have similar haircuts!

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  14. Happy belated birthday and congratulations on those grandkids. Hope you had a great celebration. Also, MY birthday was yesterday as well, so not only are we blogging buddies but also birthday buddies. I’m five years behind you. I considered this my Sammy Hagar birthday. I can’t drive 55, but I can BE 55. Haha.

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  15. Lovely stuff, old man,

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