More Songs From 1987


To be perfectly blunt, I never liked the song. I’m talking about “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship. It was their only number one single, at least in the UK. When it was shown on “Top of the Pops” in the Spring of 1987, a friend of mine who was with me in the college bar stated, “They’ve come a long way down from Woodstock.” I had to agree with him, especially since two years prior, they ceased to be my favourite band after the departure of Paul Kantner, who took the Jefferson name with him. However, this song does have meaning in my life. When my then fiance and I announced to the world we were getting married, we did get quite a bit of opposition from parents on both sides. As a result, my fiance adopted it as our theme song because we were determined to be married and did so and remained married for 13 years. I did try to get a local radio station to play it for our 8th anniversary but the station said they didn’t do phone requests. So, while I don’t really like the song, it still has significance in my life.

One song I forgot to mention from my “One Hit Wonders of 1987” was “Barcelona,” which was a collaboration between Freddie Mercury, whom you all know from Queen and Spanish operatic soprano Monserrat Cabelle. I didn’t realize that the two had put out an entire album but the song was very good and showed that Freddie could stretch his voice to do some amazing things.

Geno White

While I was in England, my sister sent me a sample from a local New Jersey guitarist by the name of Geno White. Geno has played around the world and has appeared on stage with the likes of Carmine Appice and I can say that he’s a bitchin’ guitarist. Actually, my sister said it but I have to agree with her. You can have a look at his website here. If you look at his photos, you might be impressed with some of the people he has met:

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9 Responses to “More Songs From 1987”

  1. In this world of information, knowing why the jefferson was dropped is a quick google today but was a mystery to me in south africa back then, A bit like when I first saw star wars episode IV on a screen…I wanted to know where the rest where and wouldnt believe anyone jsut telling me ‘this is just the first one’!

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  2. I loved Starship Knee Deep In The Hoopla, as a kid. And Barcelona was a drinking song at first year university. I know.

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