Great Rock/Metal Albums of 1987: Aerosmith- Permanent Vacation

It has been said that “Permanent Vacation” was Aerosmith’s true comeback album. I agree. “Done With Mirrors” let the world know that Aerosmith had not gone away and their 1986 collaboration with RunDMC on their classic song, “Walk This Way,” gained them access to a new generation of listeners, but it was this 1987 album where people could truly say, “Aerosmith were back!”

It is the quality of this album is what truly made Aerosmith’s return to the limelight possible. They remembered that swagger which brought them so much success in the 1970s and brought it to “Permanent Vacation.” It can also be noted that this was the first album where song writers outside the band contributed, although only for the first three songs. Still, having the likes of Desmond Child, Holly Knight and Jim Vallance can’t hurt as all of them were respected song writers.

“Permanent Vacation” also gave Aerosmith three singles in the form of “Rag Doll,” “Dude Looks Like a Lady” and “Angel.” Not one to judge an album by the singles, I have to admit that all three of these songs are brilliant. Though I only remember “Dude Looks Like a Lady” being played when I saw them at Download in 2017. Still, “Rag Doll” is still full of swagger and pizazz, something the band had lacked for many years. You can’t help moving your head along to it. “Angel,” the power ballad on the album, is also good. My first thought was that this might have been a good closer song but it’s okay where it is.

Download 2017, Aerosmith rocks!

So, that brings me to the obvious question: What about the rest of the album? There are many candidates for hidden gem on this album but the award goes to “Simoriah.” That song has the swagger but is still the heaviest song on the album and Joe Perry does nail one great guitar solo on it. However, it did have some stiff competition from “Magic Touch” and “St. John.” Both are great songs and “Hangman Jury,” with its rockabilly feel, is also a great song. But while there are so many great songs on the album, I do have one criticism. I might have been tempted to end the album with the title track. The last two songs, “I’m Down,” which is a Beatles cover and “The Movie” don’t really need to be on the album. They’re not bad songs but they don’t measure up, in my opinion, to the rest of the songs on the album. On the plus side, however, they in no way spoil my enjoyment of this album.

Track Listing:

  1. Heart’s Done Time
  2. Magic Touch
  3. Rag Doll
  4. Simoriah
  5. Dude Looks Like a Lady
  6. St. John
  7. Hangman Jury
  8. Girl Keeps Coming Apart
  9. Angel
  10. Permanent Vacation
  11. I’m Down
  12. The Movie

Steve Tyler- vocals

Joe Perry- lead guitar

Brad Whitford- rhythm guitar, lead guitar on track 8, 10 and 12

Thomas Hamilton- bass

Joey Kramer- drums

No arguments from me, with “Permanent Vacation,” Aerosmith were well and truly back. The songs on this album are just so good. With the album title in mind, I will be going on my own vacation. Mrs 80smetalman and I are off to Cleethorpes for the week to look after her two granddaughters. There will be no postings for at least one week.

Also, late news in, I’m a grandfather again! My daughter in law, Ela, my son Will’s wife gave birth to a baby girl. So please join me in welcoming to the world, Juliana Elisabeth Kendra LeFevre. Photos to follow.

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26 Responses to “Great Rock/Metal Albums of 1987: Aerosmith- Permanent Vacation”

  1. Ooh! One of my favorite Aerosmith albums! “Rag Doll” and “Angel” are my top songs on that one!

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  2. Congrats on being a Grand-metal-Papa again Sir.
    PV is a one fine damn album. I can honestly drop the needle and let the album play without skipping tracks..
    Great writeup…

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  3. Congrats! Great to hear. My Mrs. is in the family way again too. Seems like a lot of babies are in the air.

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  4. I really loved Heart’s Done Time and their cover of I’m Down when I started to look beyonbd the singles on this. I think it was such a good LP, better than Pump in my view – a lot more inventive.

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  5. Congrats on the grand baby. And I can’t wait to get this album in my Aerosmith series. I have a way to go as I just started with writing the debut review this past weekend.

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  6. Great album. My first proper Aerosmith experience. Cult song for me is Magic Touch.

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  7. Congratulations on your new granddaughter and have a lovely vacation for the time being!

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  8. Welcome, Juliana Elisabeth Kendra LeFevre! And congratulations to ALL the family, including grandpa!
    I love being a grammy, though I haven’t seen my granddaughters in person for 2 years. Ugh!
    Love this album! One of their best. Agree about the last two songs. ❤️🦋🌀🎼

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  9. Congratulations Grampy! This is a blinder of an album. Complete classic

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  10. It’s a decent LP, but my favorite tune of theirs is “Dream On”.

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  11. It was a cool time to be a rock fan. This, Slippery and Hysteria topping the charts everywhere. Glorious time.

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  12. I always liked this one. I have it on LP!

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