A Triumphant Return for Live Music!

In case you didn’t see it on my last post, “Kreator- Flag of Hate,” I have spent the past four days in the fabulous Northern English city of Newcastle Upon Tyne for a small vacation. Mrs. 80smetalman is in love with the city and I guess so am I on a lesser scale. After taking her and her two granddaughters around all the shops and on Thursday a trip to The Baltic, which is an art gallery in Gateshead, across the river from Newcastle, in the evenings, she gives me my freedom to hit the pubs of the city. When this happens, the very first place I go to is Newcastle’s number one rock bar, “Trillian’s.” It has great beer and always great music, what more can one ask for? My other reason for heading straight there on the first night out is to check out what bands may be playing there on the Thursday.

Got to have at least one tourist shot, this is a shot of the river Tyne from the viewing point at the Baltic.
Enjoying a pint of Motorhead Road Crew
Also had a bottle of Elvis Juice
Also discovered another Motorhead beer. This one is called Overkill. God, you’re all thinking I must be a right alkie.

Originally, the band listed to play the night was called Spangles. My immediate reaction to the name was that they were going to be a Bangles tribute band. Is my logic right? That wouldn’t have mattered though, I still would have gone to see them. It turned out that the Spangles weren’t able to make it on the night. When I got to Trillian’s, there was a gentleman playing guitar and singing on the stage but I only caught the end of his final song. However, I liked what I heard.

The first band to hit the stage was Silverjet, a band who seems to be pretty well known in the North of England and has been around for awhile. Their brand of metal turned my head straight away but it was their third song, which I believe is titled, “All I Wanna Say is Fuck Off!” that really got things going. From that amusing song, which included audience participation, the metal got heavier and the band just went with it. There were many power chords and some excellent shredding from both guitarist, Mewse and lead singer Dave Kerr. They greatly succeeded in exciting the crowd and won at least one new convert, me.

Silverjet get things going
A better shot of Silverjet

The second band on the night, Logoz, describe themselves as schizofrantic punk rock melodica and from what I heard, I am inclined to agree. My initial impression of them was they were a combination of Motorhead meets The Jam. Here’s the other unique point about this band. Normally, three piece bands consist of guitar, bass and drums but Logoz have a drummer and two guitarists at least they did this night. Their video I’ve watched on Youtube does show a bass player. Anyway, bass player or not, these guys made the rest of the night their own and had a few of the patrons dancing along to them. I would definitely subscribe to their brand of schizofrantic punk rock melodica.

Logoz appear on stage
In command at Tillian’s
These two were definitely enjoying Logoz

What a better way to return to live music. Two bands I knew absolutely nothing about were able to wow me. As it was my final night in Newcastle, I can’t think of a better way to have ended my trip there. You can find music from both Silverjet and Logoz on Youtube and Spotify and I highly recommend you check them out!

Next post: Black Emerald, An End of an Era

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25 Responses to “A Triumphant Return for Live Music!”

  1. Awesome stuff

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  2. Glad you had a good time man. We need stories like this right now.

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  3. Nice. I have a couple of gigs lined up at the end of the year and I am quite nervous about going to them, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been anywhere near a crowd of people.

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  4. Nice to see the live music. I have two concerts coming up in October and I am starting to worry they will be cancelled soon.

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  5. So good to be back listening to live music. Love it.

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  6. Newcastle is beautiful! I’m glad live music is back because it’s nice seeing musicians performing and doing what they love! I hope the cases aren’t too bad at the moment.

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