Great Metal Albums of 1987: TNT- Tell No Tales

One point I forgot to mention about Tesla in my last post is that they were referred to as ‘the thinking man’s hair metal band.’ So my question is: Where does that leave Norwegian heavy metal band TNT? In 1987, they were the ultimate hair metal band. When I saw them in London in said year, I heard several ladies remarking that they wished they could have hair like the band. Even Dawn said when she got the 1987 album, “Tell No Tales,” she couldn’t stop from staring at their hair. That only left the question, they had the hair but what about the music?

Well “Tell No Tales” starts off okay with “Everyone’s a Star.” It does the job of getting the listener’s attention and the band is tight on it. That is followed by the single from the album, “10,000 Lovers.” My theory as to why this was a single is because it attempts to straddle the line between power ballad and rocker. What stands out is this is the first song where Tony Harnell gets to show off his vocal range. He makes this song while the rest of the band go along in support. I can see why Dawn picked him as a vocalist in her band of underrated musicians from an ancient post of mine.

If you want to visit or revisit that post from 2017, here’s the link:

Getting back to the album, “As Far As the Eye Can See” is the first serious rocker on the album. Tony’s vocals are as good as they are on the single and there is a cool guitar solo from Ronni LeTekro and the rhythm section of Morty Black and Diesel Dehl keep the song ticking along very well. Then after a brief instrumental where Ronni and Morty get to show their skills, although not for long enough, we get the first serious ballad in the form of “Child’s Play.” This is a good power ballad and it shows the band’s versatility and though it’s the longest song on the album, it does go on a little too long in my opinion.

After an acoustic intro, we get straight into three solid songs. “Listen to Your Heart” is probably the hardest song on the album kicks off the three song party. Now that I listen to it, one could argue that it should have been the album opener but I’m happy at where this track is placed. The party continues on with “Desperate Night.” This one is a raw rocker and the tempo changes keep you interested and the harmonies are the best on the album made even better with the way the guitars kick in after the harmonies. Furthermore, I love how Tony holds his note before the guitar solo takes the song out. It gets the vote for hidden gem. Afterwards, things slow down with the second power ballad, “Northern Lights.” It starts off as what some might call a proper ballad but when the guitars kick in, so does the power. It sets the album up to close out with the title track, which could have been a little longer but who’s complaining?

Track Listing:

  1. Everyone’s a Star
  2. 10,000 Lovers
  3. As Far As the Eye Can See
  4. Sapphire
  5. Child’s Play
  6. Smooth Syncopation
  7. Listen to Your Heart
  8. Desperate Night
  9. Northern Lights
  10. Incipits
  11. Tell No Tales

Tony Harnell- lead vocals

Ronni LeTekro- guitar, guitar synthesizer

Morty Black- bass, pedal synthesizers

Diesel Dahl- drums

Whether you like the hair, the metal or both, TNT got a lot of notice with the album, “Tell No Tales.” It could be said that was TNT who first turned the attention of many metalheads to what was coming out of Norway. Though I admit I could be slightly biased since my future daughter in law comes from the country. Even so, this is a good album.

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  1. Cool stuff! Congrats future daughter in law!

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  2. I’ve always meant to ask, do you intentionally take blurry photos?

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