The Original vs. The Cover: I

Before I launch into my own version of the original vs. the cover, I thought I would share my experiences from this past Sunday when I went with my sons to see the Miami Dolphins play the Jacksonville Jaguars at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. Believe it or not, this was the first NFL game I actually saw live. Some might think differently because I grew up in the US, but it was something I was going to do one day but never got around to it. Sure, I’ve been to other games, NFL Europe, the World League in the 1990s and two USFL games in the 80s but never a NFL game.

To make a long story short, we had a great time, in spite of the fact that my son Jake’s Dolphins lost as a result of a poor coaching decision late in the game. He stated that at least his favourite player, wide receiver Mike Gesicki, had a great game with eight receptions for 152 yards. So now, I will bore you with the pictures I took on the day and one thing I hope my British readers will take away is that Sunday proved that American football is popular in Great Britain.

Left to right: Jake, some strange dude and Will
The coin toss
The Dolphins have the ball deep in their own territory
Action from a few plays later

Before I went off on my little hiatus, I stated that my next post would take a leaf from 2loud2old and write my own post of “The Original vs. The Cover.” The song I have chosen is “I” which appears on KISS’s “Music From the Elder” album and was covered by the band Hair of the Dog in 1999 on their “Rise” album.

KISS from 1981

Remembering back to when I reviewed the “Music From the Elder” album way back in 2014, one mistake I made was not singing the praises of “I” enough. All I said that it should have been the closer and while I stick by that, I should have pointed out that I think it’s the best song on the album. This tune really nails 1970s hard rocking KISS and if more songs had been in this vein, then “Music From the Elder,” would have been a much better album! Another point I didn’t notice back then is that Paul and Gene share the vocals duties on the song and they bounce off each other very well. It makes me think that maybe they should have done more vocal collaborations on albums. When you listen to it here, Youtube has also connected the actual closer, “Finale” with it.

Hair of the Dog

KISS must have definitely done something right when they recorded “I” because Hair of the Dog do not venture far from the original formula. Their version is just a great hard rocking one which ticks all the boxes for me. Going back to KISS, I mentioned that “I” should have been the closer on “Music From the Elder.” I think the reason for this is that it is the closer on the “Rise” album and what a marvellous closer it is. However, when the song appears to end, there is a twenty second space of nothing and then Hair of the Dog throw in an amusing surprise so don’t miss that.

My Verdict: While it was great to hear KISS go back to their roots on one song from an album which isn’t included when their best albums are mentioned, I think that Hair of the Dog puts more pizazz into their version. I will say that KISS laid the foundation but HotD built it up into a phenomenal song. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Next post: Kreator- Terrible Uncertainty

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7 Responses to “The Original vs. The Cover: I”

  1. First, the Football looked like a lot of fun. The seats were pretty good too. Second, so cool to see an Original vs Cover and with Kiss at that. Good job. I will check out that cover as I love Kiss covers.

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  2. I didn’t know that cover existed, cool! And it looks like you had a blast at the game. I’ve never seen an NFL game. Being here in Canada, I’ve never seen a CFL game either. Lol that reminds me of the whole deflate-gate thing, and then somebody mocking the NFL by touting the CFL and saying “our balls are bigger.” Lol it’s technically true.

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    • I’ve never been to a CFL game either, lol, though I did watch a few games on TV. Their balls are probably bigger and I would love to see your thoughts on the cover.


      • I’m not the biggest KISS fan in the world, but even I’ve heard I before. It’s a solid rocker as they only do it. It has echoes of Rock and Roll All Nite to it, but don’t they all? Lol. It’d be nice if they’d cut off that last minute of yapping, made it an extra track. The cover hews really close to the original, but you’re right it has a bit more pizzazz. So both are good, one classic, one updated but still true.

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      • Thanks for your response. That yapping was a separate track on the album, it’s just whoever uploaded it to Youtube, uploaded both tracks together. KISS did find a groove with “Rock and Roll All Night” and “I” fits that groove.


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