My Experience of Desmond Child

Desmond Child, 2019

Reading many of your blogs out there, Mike Ledano and 2Loud’s especially, I have learned a lot about one Desmond Child. I never knew that he wrote songs, many of them hits, or produced albums for the likes of KISS, Aerosmith, Cher, Bon Jovi, Bonnie Tyler and many many more. My association with Desmond came about through a totally different manner. Not through his producing, my introduction to him came via the soundtrack of my all time favourite film, “The Warriors.” FFI- I’ve included my post on said soundtrack should you wish to read it.

Desmond not only writes my favourite track on the soundtrack, the closer, “Last of an Ancient Breed,” he sings it as well and I must say that Desmond is a decent singer and could have made it as one if he had gotten the breaks. Note: There were a couple of other talented singers on the soundtrack who vanished after. So, enough of me prattling on, here’s the song.

Yes, they do use excerpts from the 1983 film, “The Outsiders” in this video as well.

Hope you enjoyed!

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44 Responses to “My Experience of Desmond Child”

  1. Desmond started out in a band called Rouge (I think). Then got introduced to Paul to write songs and they did I Was Made For Loving You. He did release a solo album in and around 1990 maybe. He continued to write and produce and the most recent album I have that he produced was Scorpions Humanity: Hour 1 which was from 2007 and is incredible. Thanks for the shoutout!! I didn’t know this song you posted and so weird that it is the Outsiders and The Warriors mixed together.

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    • It is weird, especially as there was enough in “The Warriors” they could have used for the entire video. Your knowledge of Desmond is simply amazing. Thanks for your input.


  2. Great stuff! Loved Footloose! (And I had no idea that the UK was restrictive on wedding music! WOW!)

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  3. Uncle Meat hates Desmond Child. It’s even in his theme song Open Door Piss:

    “Like Desmond Child writin’ songs with Kiss, and Open Door Piss!”

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  4. I can’t believe after all this time, I never looked what Desmond Child looks like! He reminds me of Gustavo Rocque from ‘Big Time Rush,’ and ironically enough, he was a music producer.

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  5. Man I need to see Outsiders again.

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  6. Wow
    I watched The Warriors movie to death and didn’t know that was Desmond Child singing it. My first exposure to him was via his co-writes with hard rock bands.

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