Great Rock Albums of 1987: Meat Loaf- Live at Wembley

In memory of Meat Loaf, who sadly passed away last week, I thought it would be a good tribute to the man to post his 1987 “Live at Wembley” album. One thing I have discovered over the past few days is that he seemed to be much more popular in the UK than he was in the US. Even the heavy metal hating newspaper, “The Sun,” laid on a tribute to him, so that is saying something. Therefore, thinking about it, it’s only right that he record a live album in a country where he wasn’t from originally but loved him very much.

The album/concert kicks off with the short but enlivening title cut from the previous album, “Blind Before I Stop.” It gets the crowd and the listener going and it is followed by the single from that album, “Rock and Roll Mercenaries.” I have this song on a compilation CD and it’s good but I much prefer the live performance. It has much more flair to it and already, I am regretting I wasn’t in the crowd when this concert took place.

For those who were expecting songs from the iconic “Bat Out of Hell” album, they don’t have to wait long. At track three is “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night).” Like on the album, it begins with the spoken words from the album. You know, where he asks the girl, “On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red rose?” I can’t say 100% but I get the impression that that part of the song is the actual recording from the album. But who cares? After all, the song kicks in and you are not worrying about the beginning, especially as this is the first song where guitarist Bob Kulick, yes brother of KISS guitarist Bruce, gets to show his stuff.

Here’s where things get dangerous for me writing about this album. I am supposed to be praising Meat Loaf and I must say that his vocals are superb. However, for me, his limelight gets slightly shaded by Bob’s shredding on the album. Take the next track, “Midnight at the Lost and Found.” Meat Loaf really belts the song but Bob lays down a great solo.

There is no discernable Bob solo on “Modern Girl,” at least not until the end and Meat Loaf does what he does best. Plus the backing vocals of Elaine and Amy Goff support him very well and there is some top notch piano from Paul Jacobs. It leads straight on to the final three songs on the album, all of which are from the already named iconic album. First up is my personal favourite recorded song, “Paradise By the Dashboard Light.” Meat Loaf and his band have a bit of fun with the song with some instrumental hooks and it’s extended to over ten minutes long but it doesn’t seem that long. I’m glad they left the baseball commentary in, even if baseball legend Phil Rizzuto said he wouldn’t have done it if he knew what it was implying when the song was recorded. That’s old news though.

“Paradise by the Dashboard Light” will remain my favourite recorded Meat Loaf song but as far as this live album goes, the honour of best song has to go to “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad.” Why? You might ask. The answer is the fact that Bob’s shredding on this song is just simply mind-blowing. He just (children avert your eyes) fucking wails away on the solo and does so for a couple of minutes. I must ask, how come I never hear Bob Kulick mentioned among the great shredders? I’m sure many of you will put me right on this. Oh yes, Meat Loaf sings well on this too.

The album ends with the song which I remember used to open a Meat Loaf concert, “Bat Out of Hell.” There are few songs out there which can serve as both an opener or a closer but this one does and does well, full marks to it. Now there is a bonus EP with two tracks. One is “Masculine” where Bob shreds some more and the second is a rock medley featuring 1950s classics “Johnny B. Goode,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Slow Down,” “Jailhouse Rock” and a reprise of “Johnny B Goode.” These are done well but I would have loved them more if I had seen them performed live.

Track Listing:

  1. Blind Before I Stop
  2. Rock and Roll Mercenaries
  3. You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
  4. Midnight at the Lost and Found
  5. Modern Girl
  6. Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  7. Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad
  8. Bat Out of Hell

Bonus EP

  1. Masculine
  2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley
Bob Kulick and Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf- lead vocals

Paul Jacobs- piano

Bob Kulick- guitar

Alan Merrill- guitar (lead on track 2)

Steve Buslowe- bass, backing vocals

Frank Doyle- keyboards

Chuck Burgi- drums

Amy Goff- backing and lead vocals

Elaine Goff- backing and lead vocals

Shortly after we got together, my ex-wife and two of her friends saw Meat Loaf at Wembley in 1987. I wonder if it was when this album was recorded. If it is, I’m doubly jealous because the man definitely brings the goods on this live album.

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10 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1987: Meat Loaf- Live at Wembley”

  1. We lost such a great talent and teacher! ❤️😭

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  2. He was loved here in the States, as I saw a lot of positive things on him after he died. Now, Bob Saget got way more though. And poor Louie was overshadowed by Meat’s death being the same day. Either way, all great losses. Cool that Mr. Kulick was on this one. He did some great Ace solos that we thought were Ace!!

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