Happy 30th Birthday Wayne’s World

Wayne and with him always is Garth

Another reason to feel really old. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of one of the greatest heavy metal party films of all time, “Wayne’s World.” I really can’t believe the movie has been out that long! When it came out here in Britain way back in 1992, I saw it twice in the cinema and the moment it became available on VHS a few months later, of course I grabbed a copy!

This film embraced everything I loved about heavy metal and the lifestyle associated with it. I could identify with most of the characters and those I couldn’t identify with personally, I knew of someone who could. Being a married man with two small children when the film came out, it took me back to a few years earlier when my friends and I would cruise down the road with the car stereo playing. Although in our case, it was usually the Stormtroopers of Death. I could even identify with Phil because there were some occasions where I was ‘partied out.’ I was also a bit jealous because we didn’t have a rock club as cool as The Gasworks where I lived.

For those not familiar with the history behind the movie, the concept was born out of a television segment on the US comedy series, “Saturday Night Live.” “Wayne’s World” was a ten minute spot on the show where Wayne, played by Mike Meyers and his friend Garth, played by Dana Carvey are two metalheads who have their own cable access show of the same name. They would get up to all sorts of metal related antics. Often times, they would have guests actors on as well including and my favourite episode was when Aerosmith appeared on it.

Aerosmith on Wayne’s World. I tried pasting this from Youtube but it wasn’t having it.

Obviously, the movie is taken from the TV show. The quick synopsis of the film is that Wayne’s cable access show is bought by a seedy TV executive, Benjamin, played by Rob Lowe who intends to exploit it. At the same time, Wayne’s love interest, Cassandra, (Tia Carrere) who is also lead singer and bassist in a band also catches Benjamin’s eye and plans to make a video for her band. Let’s just say, everything unravels in a hilarious way with three endings. First the tragic ending, then the Scooby-Doo ending and finally the mega-happy ending. There are appearances by Meat Loaf, Alice Cooper and Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000 robot in “Terminator 2.”

Wayne and Cassandra
Have you seen this boy?

“Wayne’s World” not only appealed to metalheads, many people who wouldn’t normally associate themselves with heavy metal said they enjoyed the film. Back in 2003, I found that a colleague at the school I was teaching at was also a big “Wayne’s World” fan and on the last day of school, agreed to show it to our classes. Other teachers scoffed calling the film dated. However, we went ahead and the students were glued to the screen. They all said they loved it.

So, happy 30th birthday “Wayne’s World!” I hope everyone will watch it again or even for the first time. I know it will be as funny now as it was then. Party on!

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24 Responses to “Happy 30th Birthday Wayne’s World”

  1. Party time! Excellent!

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  2. I laughed when I saw the Stan Makita’s Donut restaurant.
    As a Canadian, I assumed Mike Myers added this in reference to the Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons (both Makita and Horton were former NHL hockey players).

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    • I remember Stan Makita when he played for the Blackhawks but I didn’t know Tim Horton played hockey. They’ve just opened up a Tim Horton’s not far from me.


    • Cool thanks for the information. Mrs 80smetalman wants to know if Tim Horton still owns the franchise.

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      • Sad story. Tim Horton was driving home from a game in 1974 and died in a car accident.
        After his death, the company co-owner gave his widow 1 million dollars (I am tempted to do the Dr. Evil thing but I digress) to buy her family share out.
        Later she unsuccessfully tried to sue the company to get a fair share.
        In 2014 Burger King bought Tim Hortons for 11.4 Billion.

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      • Ah, go ahead and do the Dr. Evil thing. That is a tragic story and I didn’t know that Burger King owns it now.


      • Unfortunately many of the large corporations formed in Canada are now foreign owned.
        There are a bunch of people that complain about the quality of Tim Hortons here since the takeover.
        I don’t eat there a lot, but do enjoy it as a treat from time to time.
        They’ve expanded from just serving coffee and donuts to a complete line of fast food that can be a tad healthier than others.
        Side note. I was at the Toronto airport a few weeks ago and the guy in line was buying for himself, his wife and 2 kids.
        Not sure what he ordered but his bill was over 60 bucks. I almost keeled over.

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      • The irony is that Mrs 80smetalman and I ate there this morning. It’s pretty good but I don’t get over excited about the food. Fortunately, our meal didn’t cost $60 as we got the breakfast specials. It seems many a small independent restaurant suffers in quality when it’s taken over by a large corporation.


  3. We just watched WW again recently. Really enjoyed it! Aged very well! I laughed as hard as the first time.

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  4. ‘Wayne’s World’ is 30 years old?!?! No way!!! For some reason, I tend to forget how long ago the 90s were. Also I had no idea the SNL skits came out before the movie; I thought it was the opposite!

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  5. I need to see that one again as it has been a long while. Nothing better than Alice explaining the meaning behind Milwaukee. And hard to believe it is 30 years old, seems like yesterday.

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  6. Yep, saw this one with my friend in the theatre. I still remember feeling surprised when Robert Patrick showed up!

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