Great Rock One Hit Wonders Of 1988

It’s that part of the tour of any year where I pay tribute to those artists who have one great song in that year. For 1988, there are three of those who make it to this post. The first one is another example of artists who make it on one side of the Atlantic but not the other. In the UK, Voice of the Beehive will be forever known as one hit wonders for their punk-new wave energised hit, “I Say Nothing.” To my shame, that song has stuck with me ever since I heard it but never dug further. It is my understanding that Voice of the Beehive were much bigger in their native USA.

For the second one, I can’t use the I wasn’t in America at the time excuse because Enya hails from Ireland. My first wife was really into her and her former band Clannad. I never really delved into Enya that much but I do remember this amazing Celtic inspired song “Orinoco Flow.”

Song three comes courtesy of the Australian soap opera “Neighbours.” At the end of 1988, two of the top stars of the soap, played by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue, were married. In the soap, not in real life and this song from fellow Aussie singer, Angry Anderson was the wedding’s theme song. To many, a song from a hard rocking bald buy was controversial but it worked and was a huge hit for him and even I like it. It’s a decent power ballad.

Have a listen to the three songs and take yourself back to 1988 and if you were born after, then just remember we had some great music in that year.

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12 Responses to “Great Rock One Hit Wonders Of 1988”

  1. My 3 would be BulletBoys – Smooth Up In Ya ( I just listened to this album yesterday), Vixen -Edge of a Broken Heart, and Kingdom Come – Get It On.

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  2. My Mom would tell you that Enya wasn’t a one-hit wonder lol.

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  3. I Googled 1988 hits and the results aren’t pretty, including songs I strongly dislike by bands that I often love (Beach Boys, Cheap Trick).

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  4. My brother just been to see AA with Rose Tattoo – still rockin’

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  5. I always really liked that Enya one, I really couldn’t help it. I love me some early Rose Tattoo but you can stick this incarnation of Angry Anderson I’m afraid; this really the same guy who sang ‘Assault & Battery’? ….

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